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Oct 18, 2011 11:32 PM

If I cant make it to Galatoire's for lunch on Friday then when is the next best time to go?

It is my first time in NO and I will be arriving late on Fri Dec 2 and leaving Mon Dec 5 in afternoon.

Staying near convention center.

So far on my list in addition to Galatoire's is Johnnie's for PO boys and Central Grocery for muffelletta. Willie Mae's for fried chicken. Galatoire's will be a splurge but I think we will only be able to make it for dinner on Sat or Sun. What will we be missing out on by not going for Friday lunch When should we go?

Lastly we will be without a car. Will we be able to get out to Willie maes safely by streetcar or bus? How far can we wander by foot? We live in Los Angeles and enjoy walkin?g, and are well accustomed to urban grit but also do not to wander blindly into dangerous areas of a strange city.

Mr Tast

Galatoire's Restaurant
209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. Although the neighborhood has improved somewhat since Katrina, I would take a cab to Willie Mae's.

    1. In your place I'd go on Sunday afternoon and plan to stay awhile. the church crowd will be there and it should be lively. Saturday afternoon would be more relaxed, most likely. I've been in there at 3:00 on a Saturday and was the only customer so I just chatted with the waiters.

      1. A visit to Galatoire's is outstanding any time of the day or week. Here's a link to good fried chicken in NOLA including Galatoire's but I would have the seafood there. Good luck.

        Galatoire's Restaurant
        209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

        1. for dinner on point would be, asap.... it is the perfect meal... I have my favorites but you will pick yours... it is a very high quality meal, big portions, very simple recipes served with a touch of class... the line can be upsetting so bolt to the bar upstairs or slip the gal a tip and she might jump you up; it has happened to me... but I am special...wink.... I think you will like the downstairs parlor for your first visit as it is loud, busy, somewhat unpredictable and all around more 'NOLA'... I last sat next to Dick Cavett... lie and say it's your birthday(see what joy ensues).... Victor is my waiter(Wictor, zeemz toooo be from Transylvania....)

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            Please don't encourage bogus birthdays...we get enough of that. ("Hey, it was my birthday four months ago! let's celebrate it today!") When teh first one breaks out there is a lot of exchanging of glances between customers and waiters wondering, now that the dam has burst, when the next one will be. No one begrudges a real birthday--or even within a few days--but it can get out of hand easily.

            I like the line and prefer it to sitting at the bar. Besides, I'd rather the waiter bring me the first martini. I reserve the right to break the line when I am 75 and can't do it anymore.

          2. yes, well I don't like the line... I don't like any lines.... like I said, 'ASAP'... if not Friday, then Saturday...