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Oct 18, 2011 09:19 PM

Place for Hungry Hikers to Chow Down Near Ft. Payne, Alabama

I'm going to be with a group hiking the newly opened DeSoto Scout Trail in the DeSoto State Park and Little River Canyon Preserve and would really like some (or "A") recommendation of a local joint to chow down after our hike.

Would prefer not to eat at any of the usual chains found around the interstate exits near Ft. Payne.

Is there somewhere near Ft. Payne that is decent and would not mind some filthy hikers (not too filthy) invading their restaurant on a Sunday evening?

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  1. BBQ Place should take good care of you.

    Bar B Que Place @ 1502 Gault Ave. S., Fort Payne, AL 256 - 845 - 6155.

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      This is exactly the kind of joint I have been looking for dinner after the hike - thanks Littleman!

      The Jo Jo potatoes sound awesome!