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Oct 18, 2011 09:19 PM

Biergarten opening tomorrow, Oct 19 [San Francisco]

Got an email this evening from Suppenkuche that their long-delayed Biergarten is opening tomorrow. Hours are 3-9 Tues-Sunday. Limited menu of salads, pretzels, brats, sandwiches, pickles and a couple other things. 6 beers on tap.

525 Laguna St, San Francisco, CA 94102

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  1. I looked up the address:

    424 Octavia
    (between Linden & Fell in Hayes Valley), SF

    Website under construction:

    1. Nice place if the weather's cooperative. Lines were ridiculous on opening night, took me close to half an hour and the line was longer when I left. Plenty of seating, maybe because few people were lining up for a second round. Same vintage German Oktoberfest tables and benches they have at Speisekammer.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        We went on night two. All the tables and benches were packed and the line was about 20 deep for the couple hours we were there. I think, as Robert said, few people wanted to deal with the line for round two, so high turnover on the seating and no one was stuck standing around with a beer but no place to park it.

        I'd guess/hope that the line situation will smooth out a bit if they post a menu that people in the line can see--part of the problem is that you can't figure out what's being served until you're first in line and looking at the menus taped to the bar.

        We tried the brats, pickle, and pretzel (pickle and pretzel are available at a cash-only side bar with no line). Liked the fatty brat a lot, nice pickle, OK pretzel. We liked the darker beers better than the lighter, tho I didn't note the names.

        1. re: pane

          honestly, I thought the brat and especially the sauerkraut were kind of flat. The beer and atmosphere are great.

          1. re: weshoke

            I went by last night around 5. New Hours 3-9 WED - Sunday. Bummer for me as I wanted to avoid the line I saw on Friday.

      2. Wondering if anyone has tried Biergarten Burger Wednesdays? Half-pound Prather Ranch beef in various configurations each Wednesday.

        Hours listed on website are 2-8 Wed-Sat, 1-7 Sunday.

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