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Oct 18, 2011 08:32 PM

Help for Portland lunch on Thanksgiving

We are visiting family in S. Portland and will arrive in the AM on Thanksgiving day. Last time we came home for Thanksgiving, we almost starved to death waiting for dinner. (I love my family, but they forget we need to eat when traveling all morning).

Last time we drove up Broadway to MillCreek and the only thing open was a Rite-Aid (?). I'm thinking of staying in Portland this year.

Any idea where a hungry traveller can get some lunch on Thanksgiving?

PS I initially posted this in "Southern NE". I always forget that not everyone considers Portland "the south". :-)

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  1. I think Whole Foods is open on Thanksgiving day, you could pick up some Turkey Day sushi?

    1. I believe Hi Bombay! is open on Thanksgiving. If you're in to Indian, it's a good spot.

      1. The Portland Marriott @ Sable Oaks serves what I understand is a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner.

        I'd like to know if anyone in the Portland area can use some help serving Thanksgiving dinner, i.e., a church or soup kitchen?


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        1. re: ferguson

          I'm sure Preble St Resource Center would welcome your help.

          1. re: Noreaster

            Thanks, Noreaster, but Preble Street RC isn't having a dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Nor do they know of anywhere else. We're looking for something midday where we can help serve - or clean up after the meal. I'm surprised that, with all the networking we've done, we can't find a needy venue in the Portland area. There MUST be one!


        2. Events on Broadway in So Portland, a banquet facility, is hosting a Thankgsgiving lunch. Also, 20 Milk St, the restaurant in the Regency Hotel in the Old Port, also will be open. Then there is Seasons Grille, where Verrillos used to be, near exit 48 off the Maine Turnpike.

          If you would like more details, I would be happy to get you hours and/or prices after I get home from a volunteer shift at The Ronald McDonald House.

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          1. re: soxlover

            Does the Ronald McDonald House need more volunteers on Thanksgiving Day?


            1. re: ferguson

              I believe we are fully staffed/volunteered on that day. :-)

              1. re: soxlover

                Thanks, soxlover. That's WONDERFUL! I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!

                Meanwhile, we'll keep looking for someone, somewhere whose Thanksgiving we might make a little brighter.


          2. I was just at the Miss Portland Diner, and they say they'll be open at 7am on Thanksgiving Day. You could do much worse for a bite to tide you over.