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Oct 18, 2011 08:16 PM

Union City food truck Thursday

Has any one been? Any suggestions?

We live in Hayward and are thinking about trying it this week.



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  1. Union City is the busiest of the "food truck mafia" events and the most diverse in food offerings. the trucks are to the far right of walmart in the corner. you can't see the food trucks until you pass entirely the walmart building.

    food trucks that may appear, not all will. up to 10 trucks will show up.

    -fivetenburgers: da best
    -gourmet rockstars : inconsistent
    -grillstars : burgers, pulled pork, dogs, menu changes all the time
    -house of siam : not recommended
    -WOW: hit at eat real
    -Yumsilog : specialist in combos meat + silog(garlic fried rice, fried egg, etc), wasn't impressed
    big shrimping-vietnamese shrimp entrees: interesting
    nom nom - l.a. phenom, banh mi specialist
    omi ninjasj- fusion banh mi, was impressed
    latin americn
    -sanguchon sf(peruvian)-very popular, expect sellouts
    -el malecon -oaktown street vendor, nice stuff
    -tacos de la los altos : new truck on block, not impressed
    asian fusion
    -soulnese: asian & soul
    -rice rockit - vietnamese, chinese, thai?
    -mogo bbq- korean fusion, not impressed.
    curry up now : (south bay phenom) tikka masala burrito!
    -cubana dave (restaurant in livermore_ haven't tried
    -that's sweet : should skip
    -treatbot : pricey homemade ice cream sandwices

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    1. re: shanghaikid

      Does this event take place every Thursday? Definitely will have to go this week then. Thanks for the info in advance

      1. re: misspiggy

        so far every thursday but this can change instantly

        food truck mafia has a facebook page where they lists where the self described "mob" will be. as of 2:45 today, no word of union city or which trucks will show up. event starts 4:30

        1. re: misspiggy

          food trucks listed for 10/20:
          -510 burger
          -mogo bbq
          -rice rocket
          -sanguchon sf
          -that's sweet
          -twisted chill
          -the wow truck
          -yum silog
          -bibb shrimpin
          per my experience, would try 510 burger, sanguchon sf, the wow truck, & bigg shrimpin.