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Poll -- do you have an electric, ceramic, gas or induction cooktop?

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Like the title says, what are you cooking on? And do you like it? And would you in an ideal world switch it for something else?

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  1. 8 burner gas range, BlueStar. Great, no frills range. No bells, whistles, computer boards, timers, clocks, etc. And no, I would not change. It is great. Has 1 full and 1 half oven.

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      Oh man, sounds like my dream stove/oven. We're in an apartment now with a crappy electric coil stove and an oven that reads at 400 on the thermometer if I set it to 325. I hate it, but I can suck it up until we're in a house. Then I'm going all out!

      1. re: iamtheeiceworm

        We waited 34 years to get what we wanted. Keep the dream alive.

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        Gas range and oven. Haven't used it since I got an induction cooktop. Getting rid of it and will use only portable induction cooktops and countertop convection oven from now on.

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          You have written a curious post. Why would you stop using a range of any kind and use a hotplate and toaster oven instead?

          1. re: John E.

            Learn more about induction. Far from being a hotplate, it is as responsive and adjustable as the finest gas cooktops, and even better than the high-end gas ranges at holding a steady, very low simmer. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/834710

            1. re: BobB

              I know what induction is. I just do not understand why someone would use a portable induction burner and a countertop oven instead of a range of any kind.

              Somewhere on this thread I wrote of my desire to get an induction stove with electric convection oven.

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                If one has a range, perhaps its footprint can be used for a countertop oven. I've had a countertop oven, and I didn't use it long - although mine certainly wasn't a top-notch countertop oven. Heck, it wouldn't even bake bread successfully. I don't understand it either.

                But, I've noticed briefly really stupendous looking countertop ovens. Perhaps that's it?

      3. We have a ceramic/glass cooktop but I would really like an induction. The gas dryer is off the kitchen and about 8 feet from the stove. Why a gas line was not installed when this place was built is baffling.

        You did forget one option. At our farm in northern Minnesota we have a combination wood/gas stove/oven. While that is not necessarily a choice I would make for everyday use, it is fun to use.

        1. I have an electric cooktop in a rental situation. I don't think I hate it, but I would definitely consider a gas or induction cooktop. Thanks.

          1. Some Whirlpool electric/glass POS. It's an apartment, I didn't pick it.

            I mainly use my Rosewill (Newegg) induction hotplate.

            1. At the real home, currently rented out while we're living overseas, a gas 4 top but in the rental here in Europe a ceramic 4 top. I much prefer gas for cooking although cleanup on the ceramic is easier if you haven't really burnt the crap out of something.