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Oct 18, 2011 06:58 PM

Inexpensive venue for a Christmas party

Can anyone recommend a place to have a Christmas party? We have a maximum budget of $30.00 per person for food, which eliminates a lot of restaurants. We expect about 50-60 guests. We are open to pubs or alternative venues - it doesn't have to have "traditional" turkey and stuffing menu. Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

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  1. My office is doing Schanks in Edmonton (I would expect Calgary would do the same if thats where you're from). The food is about $23 per person (buffet dinner of turkey with the fixings), then afterwards they offer a mini-olympics thing where you play a little minigolf, pool, virtual golf, and virtual race car driving (I think around $9 per person). This is our first year doing this, so I'm not sure what it'll be like, but it sounds fun.

    1. If you're in Calgary, I would recommend trying the Danish Canadian Club. It's not a venue people would usually consider. My husband's family is half Danish so we went there all the time for brunch and ended up having our wedding reception there. They have two halls for rent and you only pay for food (no rental fee). Our guests were very impressed with the food, venue and service. I believe the buffet was well under $30/person.

      Here's the link:

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        Thanks for the tips! I am in Calgary, but I think there is a Schanks. I will check it out. We went to the Danish Club last year, and you are right Cellophane Star - it is a great venue.