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Oct 18, 2011 06:37 PM

Salzburg and Munich for a night each

Going on a weekend trip to Salzburg and Munich for a friend's birthday. We're staying at the Schloss Fuschl Resort & Spa in Salzburg. Has anyone eaten at the hotel? Is it worth it / good for a birthday or is there other places we should go to (and what to order) ? Pretty open, but he doesn't eat red meat.
Any recs in Munich?


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  1. If you do a search here on Munich you'll find lots of recommendations. That being said, our three "must" stops are:

    Der Pschorr -- maybe the best food, nice non-touristy beer hall. Beer from the keg.

    Weisses-Brauhaus -- favorite wheat beer, great building, okay food (although menus are looking more interesting on the specials again)

    Andechs am Dom -- amazing, best Helles beer, good food, friendly outdoor patio (heated).

    All are in old town area of Munich: Der Pschorr, near Victualienmarkt; WB on Tal just down the street from the Marienplatz; AaD behind the famous church.

    Der Pschorr
    Viktualienmarkt 15, Munich, BY 80331, DE

    1. We had an excellent meal last year at Brenner's in Munich. It was a nice change from the typical brauhaus-type restaurant as it's very upscale, has delicious pasta and grilled foods, including seafood, and the desserts are selected from an enormous assortment.

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        Thanks. Very helpful. Do you recommend any particular food?

        By any chance do you happen to have recs for Salzburg as well?

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          Sorry - have never been to Salzburg as yet. At Brenner's, I had a shrimp and pasta dish and I think my husband had a fish. Their grilled foods are very good. It's a very large restaurant and was extremely busy, so if you do go there, be sure to book ahead.

          We had met my son and his family who were in Munich for a few days from Seattle, and they wanted a 'German' meal' one night. The Rathskellar at the town hall was surprisingly tasty and my husband loved his sauerbraten. I had potato pancakes. :-)

      2. Birthday screams "beerhall" to me (and one of the larger, more boisterous beerhalls), but this depends on your group. Most of the food involves red meat (assuming that includes pork and veal), but there is always roast chicken and maybe Steckerlfisch.

        Don't know Salzburg, sorry. Somehow I always end up trapped in Munich…

        1. Hi lee80,
          Salzburg has one place that outshines all others: Esszimmer. Mostly seasonal ingredients in a refined tasting menu. Check their website Make sure to follow the wines recommended by the glass, very few places have this type service tuned to such high level.

          Outside the town is a more traditional but highly regarded luxury place called Obauer in the village of Werfen. You will need a car though.


          1. If you want local German cooking in Munich, we had our best experiences at Spatenhaus an der Oper and Der Pschorr. Of them Spatenhaus was my favorite, it is slightly more upscale feeling, and but still very informal, in a prosperous way.

            If you are going for the beer, primarilly, husbanc liked Der Pschorr and Andechs am Dom best.

            We found some of the beerhouses in the Center, like Weisses Brauhaus to be fairly boisterous and somewhat overwhelmed with groups of young people, coworkers etc. You have to consult your own taste in choosing,

            Andechser Am Dom
            Weinstraße 7, Munich, BY 80333, DE

            Spatenhaus an der Oper
            Residenzstraße 12, Munich, BY 80333, DE

            Der Pschorr
            Viktualienmarkt 15, Munich, BY 80331, DE

            Weisses Brauhaus
            Tal 7, Munich, BY 80331, DE

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              Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to create a beer tour for him based on these recs with a really good meal in between.

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                Lee, if you are doing a Munich beer tour, I would urge you to include a quick weissbier at Weisses Brauhaus...kind of quintessential! :)

                I would echo those that rec. Andechser Am Dom and Der Pschorr....both serve excellent beer and food. The former is a bit more traditional and cosy, the latter a more modern take on the beerhall with beautiful natural oak fixtures and fittings throughout. I love perching up by the kegging station and watching them hammer the tap into the new barrels every so often.

                Andechser Am Dom
                Weinstraße 7, Munich, BY 80333, DE