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Oct 18, 2011 03:51 PM

Thanksgiving in Central MA

My family wants a great spot for dinner in Worcester/Holden area. We have done holidays at Harrington Farm and Sonoma. Any suggestions please?

206 Worcester Rd, Princeton, MA 01541

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  1. A little outside your specified range but you might consider the Bull Run in Shirley. If you know the Bull Run from years gone by, you might shrug your shoulders and roll your eyes. I would have too. However, they've changed chefs, approach, & philosophy in the last year or two and these days they are quite good.

    That said, I haven't ever eaten Thanksgiving there but, given their new direction and commitment to fresh, local food, I'm betting their T Day dinner wouldn't disappoint.

    Bull Run Restaurant
    RR 2 Box A, Shirley, MA 01464

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      thanks you Lescaret...a bit too far...

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        We decided on Ceres Bistro..they have an afternoon menu that interests's a pretty spot. Sonoma and Harrington Farm are closed. Via and all as's all good so long as no one has to cook and clean. We have been dining out for T Giving since Dad died. Last year we were in about a great turkey dinner...Organic from a farm in Oregon of all places...

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          Follow up to Ceres...DON'T GO..too bad to even review. Raw food, horrible service...see mrwynter's review.