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Oct 18, 2011 03:49 PM

Sat. night in Worcester- dining tip needed

My Mom lives in Holden and wants to go to dinner Sat. night. It would be for an early dinner around 6 as I am going out with the girls later....What's new or amazing..she loves the Sole Proprietor and Via but we want something different...thanks..

Sole Proprietor
118 Highland St., Worcester, MA 01609

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  1. Our group of four had a very, very dissatisfying meal at the Sole last week. Service was slow, 2 of the meals (salmon and surf/turf) were overcooked, and the stuffed lobster showed up without any stuffing at all. It was our third straight disappointing visit there in the last 12 months.

    I'd suggest The People's Kitchen. (You can meet friends for drinks afterward at the Citizen downstairs -- they make killer cocktails.) The chef prepares his own charcuterie and dry-ages his own steaks. And the service has been excellent on a bunch of visits for us.

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      Not to speak for her, but I think phelana has gone to TPK and had a pretty good (?) experience, right?

      Ritual is new. I believe it's kind of tapas with a global/Greek influence. I have not personally eaten there yet.

      We've been going to Caffe Espresso often. It's BYOB Italian. Absolutely nothing as far as decor goes currently, but word on the street has them moving to Chandler St. very soon. Awesome housemade cavatelli. My husband loves their eggplant. BYOB is never a bad thing, either (although their glassware is chintzy- we bring our own, but I'm a snob about such things).

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        Even better then Cafe Espresso is Rosalina's Kitchen. Same area. This blows Cafe E away as far as Italian food. Its nothing fancy and it is BYOB but you really want to try real Italian food..this it. Im Italian and this was the closes thing to my grandmother's cooking. Look at the menu. The ricotta puffs are to die for and even better is the fried cannoli. My wife and I are very pretty picky when it becomes to Italian as we cook it all the time. VIA and the Sole might have the fancy drinks and high prices but sometimes a hole in a wall place will blow you away .

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          Sweet, a new BYOB to try. I've never even heard of it. Much appreciated!

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            invino...good memory..last winter in the height of snow and cold we hit People's was nice but a few aspects of the evening marred our overall experience. Rosalina's sounds divine..I hate to date myself but there was an Italian hole in the wall on Hamilton St. years ago..I went there on a date when I was was called Mariano's. The food was good and it was the first place I heard the Police..the dishwasher was singing Roxanne..haa...

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            I can't agree with you more! We frequent Rosalina's Kitchen in Worcester regularly. The place just feels so warm and friendly. Since we are Wednesday evening diners we don't usually have a problem with getting a table but I hear that Thursday-Saturday's are typically very busy. Heck, I think their food is def. worth the wait though!