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Oct 18, 2011 01:51 PM

Caterer or Private Chef recommendation for Sweet 16 party for 20-25 guests in SFV

Hosting a sweet 16 party for my daughter in November. A bit too big to cook myself, but maybe too small for a normal sized catering company. Anyone have recommendations for a company or private chef that specializes in smaller groups? Not looking to break the bank; so not looking for high end chefs. would love any help!!


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  1. What is your per person budget (how much on the low end if you hit your ideal $ and how much on the upper end $$$$ that you can still live with)?

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      Looking for buffet style or heavy apps; somewhere in the $15 - $25 per person range; not set in stone though...

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        My sister and her husband have had us over and used delivery from LA Lasagna Company in Northridge a few times and I thought that all of their food was very good.

        LA Lasagna Company
        8501 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324

    2. if you lived in my area, i'd tell you to get a couple of trays of italian food from C&O cuchina and reheat them at home.
      my guess is that LA Lasagna co. is probably the closest equivalent in your neck of the woods.

      1. Judy Goldstein. 818-422-5746. She is high end, but will meet your budget. Lovely lady, great cook. Enjoy.

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