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Oct 18, 2011 12:49 PM

Mozart Cafe coming to Sunny Isles

Mozart Cafe coming to RK center on Collins and 182nd Street where Saffron grill used to be. Don't know if they are adding a second location or closing Sheridan/441 Location.

Looking forward to the new location...Old one had major parking issues and my realty office is in the same shopping center as the new location!

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  1. We dined in Mozart Cafe Sunny Isles this weekend and it was delicious. The menu had so many selections that everyone in my party ordered a different dish. The sushi was fresh and tasty and my husband ordered the aioli pasta portobello which was AMAZING. To finish the dinner we ordered a cup cappuccino and chocolate mousse cake. That mousse was light, creamy and delicious. We and definitely coming back. I hear they also serve breakfast.

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      A place that serves sushi and pasta sounds like a winning combination!

      1. re: lax2mia

        It's a kosher thing, you wouldn't understand.