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Oct 18, 2011 12:17 PM

dinner in Jackson, MS

We will be in Jackson next week and are looking for suggestions for dinner that will be a contrast to what we are used to eating in New England. We would like to be at a place where we might choose from some Southern dishes and some universal "standards" prepared with a Southern flair.

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  1. The Parlor Market would certainly be exactly what you are looking for:

    *however* please call first-- the creative genius behind this place died in a tragic car accident this past weekend. I'm pretty sure that his legacy will live on.

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      Parlor Market is opening back up tonight for dinner. My other suggestions for Southernish meals would be Walker's, Julep, and Mint. Nick's is really good, but you'd be really stretching to describe it as Southern.

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        thanks for the suggestions. We look forward to taking advantage of them and have made reservations at Walker's and Nick's. We have one more dinner on our anniversary and am giving it more thought before we decide.

    2. Walker's Drive In is one of Jackson's finest restaurants.

      Walker's Drive In @ 3016 North State St., Jackson, MS. 601 - 982 - 2633.

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        Delighted to receive an additional recommendationf for this place.

      2. I saw that you have already made reservations a Walker's Drive Inn (good choice) and Nick's (never been, but on the list).

        My first reaction would be to recommend Parlor Market as well. It's become my favorite restaurant in Jackson, but as was mentioned, with great sadness the chef/co-owner passed away. They have re-opened and I plan on going as soon as possible. If you don't want to do dinner they also have a lunch menu.

        Maybe not your standard "Southern", the Mayflower has great fresh seafood and fish, is downtown and was recently used for a location shot in "The Help" movie.

        I would also consider the Parker House for a nice dinner or Mama Hamil's for a casual, large Southern buffet.

        The Parker House
        104 SE Madison Dr., Ridgeland, MS 39157

        Mama Hamils
        480 Magnolia St, Madison, MS 39110

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          thanks so much. these recommendations all sound wonderful. I wish we were staying longer!

        2. I would not call it fine dinning by any stretch, but if you have never treated yourself to some sure enough Mississippi farm raised catfish then by all means go to The Cock of the Walk out on the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

          1. Hi. I'm responding even although the post is already beyond the past due date. Perhaps someone else might be browsing and looking for suggestions. About a year ago I found myself in Jackson on a business trip and not knowing any better, I went to the Huntingtons Grille, a restaurant attached to the Hilton I was staying at. I'm used to rather mediocre meals at such places, but this place was anything but. I had a dinner of cheesy grits with shrimp, and it was one of the best meals I had in my life. (Four cheeses, with bits from a special Louisiana ham, plus grits and shrimp. Mmm mmm good!) The wine selection was very broad, too although not being a connoisseur I can't speak to the quality. My glass of riesling was nice, which probably reveals more about me than the available selection. My recollection is that the menu seemed to have both the usual suspects (prime rib, steak) and a few out of the ordinary selections, all with a southern twist, and an emphasis on local foods. I thought it a perfect place for a lonely business person who might want either something "safe" or something with a local flavor.

            The service was excellent, too. As a middle-aged woman, on the dumpy side of life, I don't expect much, so I was very surprised at the friendly, yet non-obtrusive treatment. I went early, (5-ish) so they didn't fuss about not having a reservation.

            It was a pricey meal, but totally worth it, and I will be going back next time I find myself in Jackson.

            Huntingtons Grille
            1001 E County Line Rd, Jackson, MS 39211

            Huntington's Grille @ The Hilton
            1001 East County line Road, Jackson, MS 39211

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              Thanks for your reply. We have returned from our trip but want to express appreciaion for all the above good suggestions. We dined at Walker's Drive In, Nicks and Parlor Market and thoroughly enjoyed each of the meals we had there. We would never have known about them if it were not for the recommendations.