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Oct 18, 2011 11:45 AM

Meat CSA - Houde Family Farm

After reading about it here on Chowhound, I joined Houde Family Farm meat CSA 2 years ago. I have been really happy with them - they deliver once a month, direct to my freezer, and the quality is excellent. My family of four does 10 lbs per month, which works out to be about perfect for us. Approximately 50% good cuts and 50% items like hamburger, ground pork or lamb, breakfast sausage (the best I have ever had), etc. Extensive add on list, including eggs, which are excellent. They will also deliver chickens, but they are not currently included in the regular CSA. They had a higher than average non-renewal rate this trimester, and apparently have a few spaces available. Approximately 8$/lb, 4 month prepay. Certainly more expensive than the grocery store, but great quality and worth it, IMHO, to know where your food is coming from (not to mention delivery to the house).

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  1. Seems they only deliver to area's outside of the city. Is this true?

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    1. re: ChickenBrocandZiti

      sure looks that way from the website, but Belmont wasn't on the list when I started and they were perfectly happy to deliver there. They already go to Cambridge, so it would probably depend on where in Boston you are, and how long it would take. You also need a secure area to leave a cooler.

    2. We also found out about them on Chowhound and have been very happy. I just wanted to point out that the price per pound, while higher than average supermarket meat, is not higher than humanely raised, antibiotic free regional meat at Whole Foods. So you really have to compare apples to apples and then it's actually a good value.

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        I don't actually care about humanely raised or antibiotic free, but do think they are a good value based purely on taste - far better than my local supermarket, and as good or better than the fresh pond whole foods.

      2. We have been very happy with Houde as well. We do the 10 lb. share. The convenience factor of the delivery service is huge, but really is only secondary to the quality of meat, which is high and of good variety. Tdaaa, you're not kidding about the breakfast sausage... my favorite as well.