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Apr 26, 2006 11:56 AM

Which Dumpling House - Dumpling 10053 or Dumpling Master

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Will be in Los Angeles Thrusday and would like to try some good dumplings. I was going to try Dumpling Master last time but they were closed on Mondays. :(

I need to know which of the two place is better. Looking to try regular pork and maybe seafood.

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  1. I love Dumpling Master, but think someone said lately they're going downhill.

    10053 specializes in seafood dumplings.

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    1. re: Cicely

      10053 also is really stinky inside (and it seems to permeate even into their takeout, containers and all), very similar to the way that Ranch 99 is. Probably due to the seafood (though I've been to plenty of Chinese seafood restaurants that don't smell this way. Maybe it's some unique dried seafood ingredient or something). Personally, maybe due to my strong sense of smell, I find it off-putting, detracting from experience of the food at 10053.

      Some of my parents' Asian friend's houses smell this way too. Luckily, my Mom (who's Asian too) didn't cook much of that sort of seafood while I was growing up.

    2. Dumpling 10053, hands down.

      Dumpling Master is, for lack of better words, not very good.

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      1. re: ipse dixit

        Where is Dumpling 10053?

        Best Dumplings around?

        1. re: Scott

          Dumpling 10053
          10053 Valley Blvd., #2 (2 blocks east of Baldwin Ave.)
          El Monte, CA 91731
          (626) 350-0188

          1. re: Scott

            The name is a dead giveaway :-)

            DUMPLING 10053
            10053 Valley Blvd

            I don't know if Dumpling 10053 has the best dumplings around - but they certainly do have very good shrimp dumplings, as well as pork dumplings (in various iterations with different combo fillings). Great home-cured chili sauce, btw.

            It's sort of like asking who has the best burger. No real solid answer as there are so many varieties of burgers, e.g. gourmet (25 Degrees, Fathers Office), fast-food (In N Out, Tommy's, Fat Burger), pub-style (Pete's Cafe, Nook Bistro), etc.

            Besides Dumpling 10053 you might also consider the following for dumplings and decide for yourself which suits your pallete the best ...

            DUMPLING HOUSE (5612 Rosemead Blvd., Temple City, 626-309-9918) - dumplings akin to mandu.

            MEI LONG VILLAGE (301 W. Valley Blvd., #112, San Gabriel, 626-284-4769)

            LUCIOUS DUMPLINGS (704 W. Las Tunas Dr., #E4, San Gabriel, 626-282-8695) - the real standout here is the tripe.

            1. re: ipse dixit

              What and Where is 25 Degrees?

              1. re: ipse dixit

                What and Where is 25 Degrees?

                1. re: Burger Boy

                  25 Degrees is the new burger bar at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    and it is very good. the hamburger itself actually has some flavor to it, for this burger condiments may not be necessaray.

                  2. re: Burger Boy

                    its a joint in the roosevelt hotel.

                  3. re: ipse dixit

                    ..."the real standout here is the tripe."

                    Speaking about tripe, and since I've seen nothing posted, am I to assume you have yet to customize and consume your first, and L.A.'s first, Menudo Burrito yet?

                    Please read the relevant posts from an earlier thread, especially your rec (5) respone from the link below:


                    1. re: JBC

                      Sadly, I have yet to consume my Franken-food creation of a "menudo burrito" ... but this thread has gotten me thinking that maybe I should first opt for a menudo dumpling (or mandu) ...

                    2. re: ipse dixit

                      Thanks for the info ipse! So of the dumpling house you've listed, which one is high on your list? I will only be there for one day, so it's hard to try all four.

                      1. re: theSauce

                        One shot deal? I'd opt for DUMPLING 10053. Greatest selection and variety.


                        1. re: ipse dixit

                          10053 is certainly quite good.

                          Lately, I've really enjoyed the dumplings at 101 noodle espress on Valley just west of New. The pumpkin shrimp dumpling is quite good, the "wild vegetable" is good as well
                          101 NOODLE EXPRESS
                          1408 E VALLEY BLVD

                          if you go, try the beef roll, a shandong version of a crepe/rollup.

                          BUT we're talking about jiaozi here and at 10053. If you're looking for xiao long bao (aka soup dumplings) you will not find them at either place. Consider meilong village, or giang-nan for those (some here will swear by Din Tai Fung in Arcadia, that's the specialty there).
                          For that matter, if you go to Best Szechwan, aka Aidi, you can get very good chao-shou dumplings, spicy and small, that you won't get at either style mentioned above.
                          AIDI'S FLOWER RESTAURANT (I t hink this is how they list Best Szechwan - if not, it's just next door)
                          230 N GARFIELD AVE #12
                          MONTEREY PARK

                  4. re: ipse dixit

                    I personally like Dumpling master more. The atmosphere is more plain. I dislike the Starbucks like atmosphere with the paintings and music. But the food at Dumpling Mastars is closer to a traditional Chinese recipe and it is thicker linking to its northern heritige. I like the more traditional (slightly cafeteria like), plainer surroundings. I recommend their pork dumplings and xiao long bao. Also give their frozen ones a shot. They don't taste that bad and are worth a shot if you live a distance away like I do.

                    1. re: ipse dixit

                      Just tried it today. The shrimp and beef dumplings are sublime!

                    2. I like the fish dumplings at 10053. They are really good. Stay away from the salmon though, very dry.

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                      1. re: tissue

                        Salmon dumplings ... their listing on the menu justifies the chili sauce.


                      2. Uhh, Din Tai Fung anyone? Juicy pork or pork and crab can't be beat.

                        1. Just went to Dumpling 10053 this weekend. A tremendous experience. I haven't had better potstickers anywhere. plump and wonderful. the sea-cucumber and pork boiled dumplings were fantastic. the sesame noodles were fun too. i didn't really like the shrimp boiled dumplings, but all in all I was ridiculously impressed.

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                          1. re: echoparkdirt

                            For potstickers - my fave is deerfield garden. Sometimes they add the slurry and the guotieh/potstickers are held together by a thin skin which is crispy and light - it's beijing style.

                            For shuijiao (boiled northern dumplings) se above - 101 noodle express, esp the JiCai vegetable dumplings and the shrimp and pumpkin ones.

                            1. re: Jerome

                              Jerome I will go to Deerfield Garden soon and report back... :D

                              1. re: echoparkdirt

                                OK, went to Deerfield Garden today to check it out. I liked the potstickers at Dumpling 10053 a lot better -- plumper, more interesting, more artisan-like. The Deerfield Garden ones might have looked more authentic (crescent like, not bubble-like) but they were greasy and not very interesting.

                                scallion pancakes were superb. szechuan diced chicken was mediocre. lamb with leeks was good but portion small. As of now, I'm not returning.

                                1. re: echoparkdirt

                                  well that's what makes for horse races. I don't get szechwan dishes there - there's a place next door, jasmine that has very good sichuan snax, esp dan -dan noodles. In colder weather, I like Deerfield's hotpot-shuanyangrou.