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Oct 18, 2011 11:37 AM

MARION / MATTAPOISETT / WAREHAM Please Help!!! Business Lunch...

I am hosting a business meeting and lunch on Friday and need to find a somewhat classy (food more important than decor) spot that I can bring my clients to. I am having a lot of trouble finding anything other than a fried seafood or pizza joint. I assumed there would be something nice near Tabor Academy and scheduled the meeting in Marion, but it is tough researching online. Very little on YELP etc. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  1. It may not be classy enough for a business lunch, but would How on Earth be an option?

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      I dated someone who lived in Marion. There was nothing that fits your bill. Elizabeth's and Margaret's were good spots but not "classy"....I used to frequent New Bedford..not too much further.. I loved Cork Tavern...they may be able to's really nice..great wine, great menu...