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Oct 18, 2011 11:35 AM

new korean restaurant Han Joong Kwan

Has anyone been to the new korean restaurant Han Joong Kwan on 55 in durham? 4731 N Carolina 55, Durham, NC 27713

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  1. Is this restaurant also known as Inter Korea House? That's the name I saw on their sign before they were scheduled to have their grand opening on September 21.

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    1. re: boaviagem

      Yeap, that's it, have you tried it yet?

      1. re: durhamfoodie3

        I have not been there yet. A friend of my son has been there for lunch. She is from Thailand so she knows Asian food. No specifics, but she said she enjoyed her lunch.

    2. My girlfriend and I decided to give Inter Korea House a try last night and I'm glad we did. The prices are very reasonable (low compared to other Korean restaurants in the Triangle), the portions and k-condiments plentiful and the service good. We ordered the Bulgoki Bibimbap (basically bulgoki on top of bibimbap so you can get these two great dishes in one meal, w/o ordering two full entrees). It was really good, with fresh ingredients and a sizzling hot stone bowl. The rice was superb and cooking time just right, allowing a slight crispy crust without any grains becoming too hard (something I really hate, when bibimbap goes wrong).
      We also tried Pork Tang Su Yuk, deep fried pork in a sweet n sour chili sauce with simmered bell pepper and onion. The pork was tender and that unique chewiness fatty pork strips have. Delicious. The white rice was perfect, with a pearly sheen that only comes from proper scrubbing and cooling, and just the right amount of stickiness (korean short grain). Did I mention I love good rice? And we ate two sets of the condiments and didn't even have to ask for the refill (great service!): lightly sweet meju, crisp danmuji, tasty kimchi, fresh mu saengchae, and of course a bowl of gochujang.

      I can hardly wait to go back and try more of their menu, but I can wait, because I'm still so full.

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      1. re: shaidarharan

        Thanks for the info. i will definitely have to swing by.

        1. re: durhamfoodie3

          Please do and post what you try. I'm interested to hear about any other dishes (and if they have Oiji hiding somewhere, the korean salty pickles).
          of note, I thought they were closed at first because their big white sign wasn't lit, but at a different angle (once I got past Bojangles, I could see the neon OPEN sign near the door.