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Oct 18, 2011 11:22 AM

Orlando: Most Innovative?

Greetings! I will be in Orlando next week and am hoping to dine at a restaurant that is doing some really creative stuff these days. I will be with some co-workers so hoping for a decent scene as well.

Realize I'm not providing a ton of details but I'm hoping some places come to mind as must-try's these days.


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  1. This is not really the best market for that - places that have tried it have gone out of business really quickly (I miss you Wa!!!). Some options to consider include Luma and Dragonfly (both are "scenes" as well) and if you don't mind a drive there's Sushi Pop for the most forward-thinking menu in town but it's in the middle of nowhere. A new place called The Table got a good review but I don't know anyone who's been personally, so that might be another option, but they only do one set menu prix fixe seating at one large table on Friday and Saturday nights only. It's headed up by a former F&W Best New Chef. (no menu online - here's the review that describes the meal )

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      A quick follow-up. Next door to Luma is the Wine Room, a cool place with tons of wines available from automatic dispensers by the ounce using propietary debit cards where you purchase a balance and use these for wine tastings. Kind of a cool concept if you like to taste a lot of wines in small portions or to get a tast of a super expensive wine without having to shell out for the whole bottle.

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        Bluezoo, Norman's and Victoria & Albert's are other options.

    2. Rusty Spoon, flying fish, the ravenous pig

      1. Rusty Spoon (awesome), Luma (expensive, but awesome), and The Table (also expensive, but probably the most creative thing rockin).

        There was also a small plates place I dug at Dr Phillips called Le Rouge, which I had some great food at, but I've not heard much about it as of late.

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          Bar JMe, too, if you can get a reservation.