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Oct 18, 2011 11:05 AM

How close to a railroad track can you set up a vegetable market?

Here comes the 2:10 to Mumbai.

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  1. Somehow I knew this was going to be about India before I saw the video :-)

    1. I love the way all the awnings go down in sync as soon as the train has passed...

      1. I think I remember seeing something similar in Thailand on Bourdain's show as well. Probably pretty common in Asia.

        You would think that they could find a better place for the markets. I wonder how many people get hit or how many stands get taken out by the train on a regular basis. Is it really worth that extra few feet of space?

        1. Consensus around the internet seems to be that this is Thailand, not India (and the people don't look Indian, anyway).

          A slower, more recent view can be found around 15:30 of this video (the video, which is composed of mornings around the world, is worth watching in its entirety IMO):


          At any rate it seems like everyone's well-prepared for a not-very-fast train, so I imagine people get hit very rarely.

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            Oh, and in addition, I asked a friend of mine from Thailand about this. He said that no one gets hit because the train makes a very loud warning sound before it comes through. He also said that he doesn't know exactly why the market is in such a seemingly inconvenient place, but he thinks that the market was located there first (i.e. before the tracks were laid through it) and that the people just don't want to move.

          2. Thank you for sharing both videos.