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Oct 18, 2011 10:35 AM

Gluten free soba noodles

Anyone have any good recipe for gluten free soba noodles that doesn't call for a prepackaged gluten free all purpose flour or sorghum flour? (Neither are available here.)

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  1. Skilled Japanese craftsmen are able to make noodles from straight buckwheat. Buckwheat does not have gluten, but has some other binding agent. Some soba also includes a 'wild yam' which may also contribute a binding agent.

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      Do you have any recipe, per chance, for noodles made from straight buckwheat? I'm a pretty experienced noodle maker from before I went gluten free...

      1. re: peskin

        Get Udensky's Book of Soba

        Something to keep in mind is there are different approaches to milling and grading buckwheat flour in the USA and Japan. I participated in a thread where the OP was trying determine whether buckwheat flour was 'whole grain' or not.

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          I’ll second the Udensky book suggestion.

          I went on a (very) short course in Tokyo to learn how to make soba noodles but we only covered the basics and that means that we made soba with wheat flour combined with the buckwheat.

          Udensky has some good tips on how to cajole buckwheat into noodle form (he also covers other forms of cooking with buckhwheat including dumplings). The processes he describes are quite tricky but he takes you through them step by step.

          There are quite a few tutorials in Japanese on youtube and this would be my suggestion if you are hoping to pick up this skill. This is a much more effective way to learn than anybody trying to explain by writing. Use そば as your search term. A recipe just by itself won’t be of much use.
          Here’s the first part of a tutorial using only soba/buckwheat flour

          そば粉100% means 100% buckwheat flour