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Oct 18, 2011 10:00 AM

Suggestions for relining/retinning copper pots/places needed

Hi all,
we have some copper cookware, some of it from way back when these newly wed US citizens could still afford things at Julia's Dehellerin in Les Halles.
We have been married a long time, so if quality was better 20 or more years ago, these are of that quality.
advice is sought on to who and where to take them; estimations of cost relative to other possibilites would be greatly appreciated.

here's the list:

one sauce pan t/one very large sautoir (straight sided frying pan, 10 1/2 inches across interior dimension x 3 1/2 deep) need relining
a cover is slightly ben and needs rehammering into shape
and an unlined copper egg beating bowl was overshined and there has been a change in the quality of the copper, so it needs an expert diagnosis of whether the change was fatal to the copper.

thanks in advance
and why not
bon appetit!

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    1. Check out East Coast Tinning. Could not be any better or more professional. They are my goto retinners...

      1. The original comment has been removed