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Oct 18, 2011 08:21 AM

Antica Pizzeria Fellini - Suburban Detroit

Has anyone been yet? In Royal Oak and is supposedly the only VPN certified pie in the area. Was planning on going there saturday night....but now that DJB is open again I think I am going to end up there......CAN"T RESIST!! Anyway if any of you hounders have been, I would love to hear about it.... Thanks in advance!

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  1. >> In Royal Oak and is supposedly the only VPN certified pie in the area.

    No certified pizzerias in Michigan are shown in the member listing on the VPN's North American website at www.verapizzanapoletana.org or on the VPN's worldwide website at www.pizzanapoletana.org/shownaz_eng.p... (There are three members in Wisconsin, two in Illinois, and one in Indiana.)

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      I tried them out last week and thought the pizza was pretty good. I think they are in the process of being VPN certified. Although, more important than any certification, they had most of the elements down... Nice, bright sauce and a fairly high quality buffalo mozzarella. Unfortunately, on my visit it seemed like they really overworked the dough as the most important element, the crust, was dense and toughened up fairly quickly. I had high hopes as they brought in a pizzaiolo from just south of Naples. Although, when I was there he was merely prepping the pizzas and letting someone else work the oven.

      I will give them a month and try again to see if they have improved. For now, I'd suggest anyone that has a passion for Neapolitan pizza head over to the forums on pizzamaking.com and check out www.2stonepg.com ... Insert 'teach a man to fish' cliche line here.

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        Actually bought a big green egg recently. My dough needs a little work, but the pies are really good. Hope to perfect it over the winter...

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          I think that's when you know you are a true Michigander... Making pizza outside in the snow!

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        We were thinking about ordering there tonight...Yelp reviews (which we take with a grain of salt and totally trust the 'hounds more, panned it.)

        So, in the last month anybody go there? I'm a little leery at the moment to spend $13-16 on a just OK pizza.

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          As Boagman and Rainsux would say in their almost haiku voices,
          "Fingers tapping desk. Rapid sequence.
          Waiting for silence broken
          by berkleybabe's take on Antica."

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            $13-16?!?!? Dang...that's high even when compared with the likes of Biga. I'll let you be the guinea pig on this one, BB.

            1. re: boagman

              Going tonight for dinner....will let you know!

              1. re: Quit2Chef

                Well we eventually made it here....Saturday night. We had the Sofia with arugula, procuitto, and cherry tomatoes. In a word....amazing. Crust was superb. Just the right amount of salt, and chew. Good fresh toppings applied liberally but not over done. They do not yet have a liquor license but the woman next to us heard me order wine and gave me a glass out of her bottle (they allow BYOB). So nice!! All in all....maybe the best pizza in Michigan...certainly in the running.

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                  Okay, you guys are killin' me. I'm going over there ASAP (i.e., Friday, given work demands). What is the likely waiting time at 5pm/6pm/7pm/8pm? Is there a place to sit while waiting? TV? Shall I plan to do takeout and eat in the car, to save a long wait?
                  PS--I thought it was against our DTW poster code to document BY*B places. Regardless, this is profoundly precious info to me; that is, while the gig lasts...

        2. Groupon available for this place today: $10 for $20 worth. Is it worth it?

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            Yes. But, be aware that nearby Biga has half off pizza every Monday (according to table placard).

            1. re: VTB

              WHAAAT? What great news.. thanks