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Oct 18, 2011 06:44 AM

Mikey's Hot Dogs....Boca Raton

I was here last night for the first time...very large menu you can check out on their web site...we only had Chicago Dogs..Vienna and they were perfect as good or better then Hotdogopolus. also had tomato/basil soup,homemade and excellent.SWervice was friendly and prompt.and best of all they are open in the evenings...all in all a terrific spot .
Mikey's 620 glades rd oaks plaza shopping cewnter...near the hospital across glades from FAU

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  1. Thanks, had no idea there was anything in there.

    1. Is that hidden in the back parking lot, next to the supremely hidden Bombay Cafe?

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        yes,right next door...if you are looking to the FAU market it's not a bad location,though it is a bit of an adventure trying to negotiate the maze the first time...maybe the second time too....but it is worth i9t.

      2. Dick - It's good to see you back on the board.

        Karen and I have been to Mikey's for lunch 6-8 times since they opened. We really like the Chicago dogs and the chili-cheese dogs are good as well. The service is quick and the people are very nice. This is a good neighborhood spot.