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Help....need dairy free hor d'oeuvre or app. with bacon

I am responsible for making an hor d'oeuvre / appetizer for a friend’s b-day party and she is lactose intolerant and loves bacon.

Any ideas?

Please and thank you!

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  1. These are tasty --Sprinkle bacon (1/2 slices) with brown sugar, wrap around around baby corn and put under broiler 'til crisp.

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      another version - bacon wrapped waterchestnuts with brown sugar sprinkled in each fold as the waterchestnut is rolled up. bake them till crisp.

    2. Great bacon, brown sugar, cracked black pepper... tied into knots. Lots of great sweet bacon stuff out there right now. There is a bacon jam that might be good on toast points.

      1. Bacon wrapped figs are pretty tasty.

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          This sounds like an odd mix but they are SOOOO tasty.

          date stuffed with an olive wrapped with bacon - bake in 400 oven until bacon is crispy.

          Sweet, salty, bacony - yum

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            Tons of variations on bacon wrapped dates. Haven't tried one yet that wasn't tasty. You can put an almond in the middle, add cayenne, etc, etc.

        2. Second and third the dates. Stuff with gorgonzola or whatever cheese you like and wrap with bacon. Bacon wrapped scallops are good too.

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            Stuffing with cheese kinda defeats the whole "dairy free" aspect, though. Better to stick with almonds, garlic, etc.

          2. Wrap an uncooked shrimp with a piece (or half depending on size of shrimp and bacon) of bacon. Skewer and repeat to fill skewer. Brush with good bbq sauce and grill or broil. Also awesome with scallops.

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              china I do the same with shrimp but I put a sliced jalipino (mount. olive or other jared kind ) along the vien line then wrap w/ bacon then skewer and brush with favorite BBQ sauce. I either grill or broil turning once till bacon is cooked. once bacon is cooked shrimp should be done. only brush once with BBQ sauce before i grill or broil

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                If the bacon is not really thin, pre-cook it a bit first. It will still be flexible enough, to wrap and skewer, but it will finish cooking when the seafood does. It does make a big difference.

              2. There's also bacon-wrapped scallops. Lots of recipes on-line. Here's one from Tyler Florence that looks promising, with avocado and spicy mayo in a lettuce cup.


                1. Anything - anything at all - wrapped in bacon is delicious. Meat, veggies, fruits, seafood, you name it, just wrap bacon around it and broil. Or you could do a quickbread (like biscuits or cornbread) with bacon in it, and use the bacon grease instead of butter.

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                    no joke. I like oysters and chicken livers. Just cook the bacon a little if you're doing oysters, so you don't overcook.

                  2. fancied up mini BLT's could be cute.

                    bacon deviled eggs are good

                    bacon wrapped potatoes

                    1. Lots of good ideas. One off-the-wall option is to choose some veggie such as cukes and sprinkle with bacon salt. Or put bacon salt on whatever you might want to salt like fresh corn tortilla chips. Wait till people are surprised with the unexpected burst of bacon flavor!

                      1. Chorizo Stuffed, Bacon Wrapped Dates

                        Teriyaki chicken ginger meatballs wrapped with bacon (or any meatballs for that matter)

                        Sweet Bacon Chicken Wraps http://www.sewndipity.com/bacon-chick...
                        (these might be good with a teriyaki glaze instead!


                        My pick? Bacon wrapped pineapple! Dip your bacon in brown sugar, wrap around pineapple chunks, hold with toothpick, bake.

                        1. Corn Cakes with a Bacon Compote

                          Blini with Fire-Roasted Corn and Crispy Bacon with a Chipotle in Adobo based sauce

                          Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes with spinach, bacon, shallots, a bit of sour cream, spices/herbs, etc

                          1. thu worked on Food Party with big eggs.