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Oct 18, 2011 05:46 AM

Busting out the Bread Machine

I am in the mood for bread and have had a bread machine for the past two years that I have unfortunately only used twice both times using the same recipe. I would like to get into using my bread machine but am looking for some recipes that make it worth my while to haul the thing out of my basement pantry and onto my counter top. Any recipes are greatly appreciated. Sweet, savory, rolls, tips, any recommendation appreciated.

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  1. I suggest that you check out the books on bread machines by Lora Brody. They are very good.

    Bread makers work best when doing just dough and then baking yourself but they are more than satisfactory for something to go with what you are already eating if you use them to bake with.

    1. I agree that bread machines are great for making dough that you then bake yourself. Before mine died, I would use it to make the dough for pretty much any bread recipe, whether from a bread machine cookbook or not. I'd then shape the loaf, let it rise & bake according to the recipe.
      Great for taking the guess work out of kneading, rising times, etc.

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        One of the reasons I got rid of my bread machine was because I was only using it to mix and knead dough. If I'm feeling lazy, I can let the stand mixer do it, and if I'm not (or if I just have some anger to work off!), I knead it myself by hand.

      2. i use the michelle's harvest grains loaf recipe from the king arthur website, but sub molasses for the honey, and use 1/2 cup of whatever we've got (flax seeds, walnuts, wheat bran, millet, etc) for the harvest grains blend