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Oct 17, 2011 08:10 PM

Dry Aged Steaks In Detroit

Can anyone tell me which steakhouses in the Detroit area still offer dry aged beef? Cameron's used to, but no longer, and I think Morton's does but I'm not sure. Maybe Roast as well? Any others? Thanks!

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  1. Roast does. Ruth's Chris might - haven't been there in ages.

    1. Capital Grille dry ages.
      Morton's wet ages
      Not sure on Ruth's - I think they are dry aged though, because I remember a while ago that between Morton's and Ruths one was wet and one was dry.

      1. Pretty sure bourbon steak in the MGM does.

        1. Just got off the phone with Peter Nunez who's the Executive Chef at Ocean Prime in Troy. According to him (and he's know...), the Kansas City Strip Steak is dry aged, and the rest of their steaks are wet aged.

          So there you go.

          1. Great info -- thanks to all. Especially boagman for calling up Ocean Prime. That seems like it'll be the choice since it has the dry aged beef, plus the 1200F broiler to sear it all in. Which to me, is another requirement when I'm paying $45 for a cut of meat. But does Roast or MGM have the hot broiler? I don't think Capital Grille does. Thanks again.

            Capital Grille
            310 W Wisconsin Ave Unit 100W, Milwaukee, WI 53203

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              Re Roast, my dry aged $40+ ribeye came out last week as charcoal so 1) look carefully and 2) beware that hot broiler in the wrong hands.