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Oct 17, 2011 06:41 PM

Hanger Steak

Does anyone know where to find hanger (Onglet) steak in Chicago, or is there a substitute?
I really want to make this recipe:

I've tried Whole Foods, no luck. I am in Andersonville.

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  1. Heartland Meats at the Green City frequently carries hanger steak. The other retail store in Chicago that almost certainly has hanger steak is Paulina Meat Market.

    You can order it on-line at Tallgrass Beef (www.tallgrass.beef).

    Flat iron steak is similar and you could probably substitute skirt steak, which is very easy to find.

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      Thanks so much! I love the Green City Market.

      Green City Market
      1750 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614

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        Never heard of these guys, are they pretty good?

        1. re: farmall400

          I don't know which guys you mean, but everyone one I mentioned in the post is definitely good.

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            All three of chicgail's suggestions are fairly well known around Chicago. Tallgrass, which is sometimes mentioned on restaurant menus as a supplier, is best known for two things: grass-fed beef, and its ownership by longtime local news anchor Bill Kurtis. Incidentally, the link above for their website doesn't work; it's

            Hanger steak isn't really anything exotic, and shouldn't be too hard to find at any good old-fashioned butcher shop. From Andersonville, Paulina Meat Market in Lakeview is pretty close, and if you happen to be traveling north of Andersonville, Zier's in Wilmette isn't terribly far. I would suggest calling ahead to either place; that way not only can you confirm that they have it, but they can set it aside for you.

            I don't recall whether or not there are any meat vendors at the Wednesday farmers market in Andersonville, but if there are, you could probably arrange with them to bring you hanger steaks. At this point the season is over, but you can keep it in mind for next year.

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              Thanks for correcting the link. Looks like my fingers were working without benefit of my brain.

      2. I recommend calling ahead to any of the butchers recommended in the butcher topics:

        (Even though those topics haven't been updated lately, the butchers recommended there are still the best in town.)

        1. I would also call Gene's in Lincoln Square to see if they have it. If they don't, they are very good at ordering it for you.

          1. Call or stop by Butcher & Larder (opened since the threads Nsxtasy linked were last updated). Rob is great at suggesting alternate cuts in case they run out of what you're looking for. Since they only get whole animals, this can happen unless you stop by on Wednesdays/Thursdays/maybe Fridays (I believe they receive their product on Wednesday mornings). Not necessarily the lowest prices in town but the quality is as good, if not better, than many other places in the city (especially if you want locally-raised, grass-fed, etc.).

            1026 N. Milwaukee Ave.

            1. Thanks everyone. As it turns out, Gene's in Lincoln Square has hanger steak everyday.