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Oct 17, 2011 05:20 PM

Callebaut (or other) dark chocolate?


Just moved here from Canada and looking to find some bulk chunks of Callebaut or other similar dark chocolate to use for banking. Does anyone know where I can buy this?


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  1. If you've got a local Trader Joe's I believe their Pound Plus bars are Callebaut. If my memory is fading and they're Valhrona instead of Callebaut that's not a bad fallback. ;>

    Aside from the excellent quality of Trader Joe's chocolate, you won't find a better price than their PP bars.

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    1. re: rainey

      Sadly there are no Trader Joe's in Texas (Canada either but I have had the pleasure of shopping at TJ's many times) :(

      1. re: asiandelight

        That *is* sad. And from Los Angeles that's the only thing I had to offer....

    2. It isn't bulk, but Spec's downtown has a vast selection of chocolate. Whole Foods & Central Market are also possibilities. Not sure about the specific brand. I'm sure there is a shop somewhere in town, but I dont bake much. You might also consider the web. A quick search gave several results including:

      Let us know if you find it!

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        Here's an interesting link for you:

        Evidently the Culinary Institute LeNotradjust had an event, so you might contact them for sources.

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          Darn thing won't let me edit. Meant to say that LeNotre just had an event. Fat fingers, sorry.

      2. I just bought a pound of Callebaut at the Sugarland Whole Foods on Saturday.

        1. Central Market on Westheimer should have a varied selection of El Rey Chocolates in their buld bins. It is grand chocolate from Venezuela.....umm umm good.

          El Rey
          9924 Jensen Dr, Houston, TX 77093

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            My fave too.

            El Rey makes various concentrations from a very creamy milk chocolate to a quite daunting dark, (85%?).

            Whole Foods usually has it also, but I wasn't sure if the OP was looking for an unsweetened baking chocolate.

            (Technically, I'm still not sure.)

          2. I love baking and was able to find everything I need at Central Market on corner of Westheimer and Westlayan. I'm certain they do carry Callebaut in various quantities.