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Oct 17, 2011 04:37 PM

Seafood recs in Pittsburgh

Looking for casual but upscale seafood....can be part of a bigger menu with other dishes. Able to accomodate group of 10.

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    The downtown location is open for lunch Mon-Fri, dinner Wed-Sat. It's my favorite restaurant in town.

    1. I agree with Jay F, Penn Ave Fish Company is a great choice. If you are coming in from out of town, I would recommend Monterey Bay. The seafood is good and the view of the city is spectacular!

      1. First Off, I do not eat seafood. However, both recs mentioned below gets a lot of praise. The Grand Concourse, in station square, use to be one of the best seafoods spots around. I have heared the seafood feel off slightly over the last decade ... but the building is breath taking and very unique.

        Grand Concourse Restaurant
        100 W Station Square Dr Ste 1, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

        1. The recommendations so far are right: your choices are basically Penn Avenue Fish Co. or Monterey Bay.

          I think Penn Avenue Fish Co. is very good, and I enjoy their food very much. I make it a point to stop in for lunch once every week or two. That said, I have never had an extraordinary dinner experience there, but that's not because of the food. The food is very consistent and very good. I simply find the ambience lacking and the staff a little too unprofessional to pay upscale seafood prices there for dinner. Plus, it's BYOB, which is a turnoff for me; however, they do have a fantastic dive bar next door where you can stock up ahead of time, and a lot of the servers will run over to grab you something.

          Still, for my money, in Pittsburgh, if I want to do seafood and impress my guest/s, it's Monterey Bay all the way. The space is too large, but the view is fantastic, the food is on par with Penn Ave, and they have a very nice little bar for before or after dinner cocktails.

          I guess what I'm saying is that if I want to grab up some takeout or go get some good seafood with a friend and be done, then I might choose Penn Ave Fish Co. If I want to have an evening, stage an event, impress or romance, while still enjoying as good of seafood as you can find in the 'Burgh, then I will choose Monterey Bay.

          1. Ended up at Mallorca on the rec of a friend.... .......loads of seafood specials not on the menu....very well prepared. Shellfish medley with garlic butter sauce, Chilean sea bass w/white wine, butter, capers & lemon, stuffed salmon, scallops w/Grand Marnier sauce....all were served with some tasty saffron rice and steamed veggies for all to share. Service was great too...very friendly and accommodating staff!

            Mallorca Restaurant
            2228 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203