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Oct 17, 2011 03:39 PM

Thanksgiving Take A Long - What's Yours??

As usual, most folks will be coming & going from one place or another for this special day & of course we are taking along food. There is always a special dish that has to be made by you or someone let's hear it for that "must take" recipe. Share with us & maybe we too can add it to our "take a long".

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  1. I'm still having a hard time accepting that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, especially since it's 90 degrees today... Anyhow, here's what's gone over well with my in-laws:

    *haricot vert salad - blanched french green beans tossed with toasted, blanched almonds (I'd use hazelnuts instead if I thought they knew what they were, but most toasted nuts will work), and a vinaigrette made with shallots macerated in acid of your choice (I usually mix some lemon juice mixed with a little balsamic for sweetness), grainy dijon, olive oil and salt and pepper. Don't toss it ahead of time unless you've got a short trip. The green beans won't be bright green if you do.

    *swiss chard gratin. I use the Alice Waters method from The Art of Simple Food.

    *Georgene's Fluffy Rolls from - they're not the kind of rolls you eat everyday, but they're great for special occasions.

    *Abby's Pecan Pie - my (bohemian) mother clipped it out of a Dear Abby column ages ago and it's the only recipe I will use. The combination of dark brown syrup with light Karo gives it a molasses-y depth that sets it apart. Also, put some foil around the exposed crust and bake it much longer than the recipe indicates. You'll wind up with a candied texture that pull out our fillings and make you want another piece anyway. It's even better when served with some freshly whipped cream.

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      This is an "after Thanksgiving" thanks, but I intend to use your ideas for Christmas, especially the swiss chard one. Am curious to find the fluffy rolls....everyone likes a special roll. Chowhounds are such a wonderful bunch, & you are proof of that!!!

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        Altho I did not contribute to your query, its nice to see someone acknowledge the post(s).

        1. re: ChiliDude

          ChiliDude, you are so thoughtful, yes I too was greatful someone had thought enough to make a post... wish you would have posted one of your take alongs, maybe you surprise everyone & show up with your "secret" chili recipe...seeing as how some folks' turkey turn out, that would not have been a bad idea!!!

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            I made the fresh cranberry relish with pomegranate cranberry juice and Marsala which we took to our daughter's home where the celebration was being hosted. Chili is my obsession, but my family members do not follow suit.

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              ChiliDude, that cranberry relish was most appropiate & it certainly was no need to bring along a batch of chili. Your daughter probably had a wonderful array of Thanksgiving foods. I just had to poke fun at you & your chili recipe that we are all hoping you will share some day. Yes, chili is my obsession too. There is always one more chili recipe on the horizon. I am hungry for some right now. Thanks for posting.

              1. re: cstout

                One of my chili recipes, an old one, is posted on Chowhound. Go to "Your Best No-Bean Chili Recipe?"

                1. re: ChiliDude

                  Thank you thank you, I guess you got tired of hearing me whine, I had no idea you had even posted a recipe. I guess I can't bring that up anymore. I know what I shall be making this weekend.

                  1. re: cstout

                    No problem! This website is for communication which what you and I do. I have a sense humor (I think?), and do not take offense unless someone gets nasty.

                    I like to play with my food, so my chili recipes vary.

                    1. re: cstout

                      BTW, I see that you are from Texas. Altho I live on the East Coast, I have a few Texas cookbooks. One of them Frank X.Tolbert's "A Bowl Of Red."

                      I also make Texas Hash on occasion.

                      1. re: ChiliDude

                        ChiliDude, I collect Texas cookbooks, but do not have that one (yet)! Hope I can find it. Playing with food is great, but sometimes you can't recreate that masterpiece again. "One Hit Wonders" is what I call them. Have you been on I have her book & it is wonderful, her recipes will want you to pack your bags & head back here. Oops, you may Not be from here. Anyway, you get the drift. Cold weather, a hot bowl of chili & a little nip of something just about is heaven here on earth. My oh my.

      2. As has been discussed elsewhere, it's not the best idea for guests to bring food or drink unless the hosts have asked for it or know what you will be contributing. If they have planned the meal, they will have the wine, flowers, sides, and dessert. They don't need more and may not have room for it. It is better to give them something designated for future use, that does not require refrigerator space.

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          greygarious, I suppose that is true for a lot of families, but folks around my way always welcome another dish of something. Word gets round that everyone is welcome & by gosh, just about everyone that hears about a dinner shows up, so extra food is always welcome. Our tradition is just to invite any & all, we try to find a person or two that don't have family & with all these people around, we have to eat in shifts & have to make sure everyone gets a full plate. Everyone brings a "take along" plus a little more for the people that will bring a little "less". It all works out for us, but I certainly can see your point where "planned" meals are done.