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Oct 17, 2011 03:26 PM

Dairy Shabbat Lunch

I'm hosting a Shabbat lunch this weekend for ~10 people. It will be a dairy meal with no fish (It seems I drew the short straw). Any ideas of what I can throw together day-of, or things that will reheat nicely? I already have a few salads down, so I'm looking for ideas for main dishes (The guests have expressed interest in having a breakfast/brunch-type meal)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Blintze souffle and a sweet dairy kugel should both reheat fine. French toast should reheat ok. If you move off of the breakfast/brunch I'd suggest doing a cold pesto pasta.

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      Pasta salad (the cold pesto pasta) seems brunchy to me.

    2. Salad bar with all the usual stuff plus feta cheese, shredded yellow cheese, chickpeas, hard boiled egg (either chopped up or deviled eggs or both,) croutons, baco bits, etc.

      Moosewood Cookbook's Sri Wasano's Indonesian Rice Salad. I served it to a caterer over yomtov and she had seconds!

      Find some sort of tofu salad.

      No fish??? Wow this sounds more like a contest or a challenge than a real meal...

      1. When you say "reheat nicely," can I assume you mean you can't or are not leaving up a blech? If you are, a saucy lasagna should keep nicely on it, but if not, then it will be too wet to heat up on shabbat.

        I definitely second SoCal mother's suggestion of the Rice Salad. It's quite tasty.

        1. Spanikopita. Wonderful hot main course. Make it in a large lasagna pan. It's surprisingly easy to assemble in this world of modern wonders, like frozen filo. Get a good quality feta, Trader Joe sells an excellent kosher feta.

          Assemble and bake until golden brown. You can do this before the chag. Then refrigerate and reheat without a lid to crisp the upper layer of filo. It reheats well on a blech.

          And it'll be a little more exciting than a kugel or lasagna, because your guests probably have it less often. Though it is no harder to assemble.

          But if you want to be brunchy/traditional. Do a noodle kugel with lots of cheese and cut up peaches (canned and frozen both work well).

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            To all of this I say (again):

            Why not cholent? You should be able to do a meat-free one and it will taste fine.
            And you might as well do the potato kugel on top.

            I could see problems with it being on Fleishig Keylim.... but you could also cook it double wrapped in your oven.

            Ah! Just read the last part of your post, that everyone wants brunchy foods.

            Go with a sweet kugel.

          2. Quiche with your choice of vegetables and cheese should reheat well and can also be served cold or room temperature. One combination I like is spinach, mushrooms, feta and cheddar, but there are so many options.