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How PERFECT is this for Halloween!?


Haven't tried it yet but I mean to this weekend.

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  1. Ooh, no, can't agree on this one rainey. I love the traditional look of dipped apples. (The little "stand" at the bottom that holds them at a jaunty haunty tilt.)

    It looks a tricky job to hollow out an apple, and the caramel would have to be *just right*, soft enough to chew, firm enough to stay wedge-shaped in the apple slice. I know I couldn't get that right -- at least not before the doorbell started ringing Oct. 31.

    But mostly, when I eat a caramel apple I rely on the underlying actual *apple* to get the candy off my teeth! :)

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      Well, maybe these will be more interesting to you. http://bakingbites.com/2011/10/classi... Nicole's recipes are always so good!

      That's where the whole process started for me. But I'm looking for the smaller-portion/higher-ratio-of-caramel-to-fruit thing myself. ;>

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        Here's another adorable idea for someone who's doing something Halloween themed. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/20...

        You could, of course, just do this with plain bread dough as well.

      2. I like the looks of these. I wouldn't scrape away quite so much apple myself.
        We're having a belated Hispanic Heritage Month luncheon at work this week. I'm wondering if I turned the caramel into a dulce de leche, do you think I could get away with bringing these?

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          I agree about not scraping away as much fruit. But whatever gets removed will still be used up in applesauce.

        2. Love it! Let us know how it goes, please.


          1. This looks great, but I think I would like a little more apple than the poster left.

            1. Smart! This would take care of all the reasons I don't eat/make caramel apples:

              1) dipping and making the caramel stick can be tricky
              2) I can't get my mouth around it to get a good bite
              3) a whole apple is too big
              4) you don't end up w/ apple and no caramel

              It occurred to me that you could do the same w/ peanut butter filling, too, like the center of a buckeye. I'd also leave more apple and just barely core it.

              1. I'd be curious how you like the caramel if you try it. It's hard for me to imagine it being as good as regular, plain caramel with a pinch of salt, because that is one of the most delicious things in the world. But, it does get cooked, so maybe the brown sugar caramelizes and is delicious also.

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                  I'm doing it this weekend because I'm very curious about caramel that will hold it's shape sufficiently to be sliced. Or will it? Anyway, I will report back.

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                    I did it last night but I should be far too humiliated to report my results. As it is, I'd rather embrace the possibility that someone can help me learn from my failure.

                    The caramel is made from brown sugar and the method is everything-in-the-pot-then-boil. It came out tasty but it set in a weird way. First, the caramel that I put into the apple shells seemed to set up but overnight it re-liquified and the apples (Fuji not Granny Smith as specified), that I scrupulously wiped out as dry as I could, got quite soft. I didn't remove as much fruit as the recipe suggested from the shells. It's a good thing I didn't or I doubt they could even be picked up.

                    There's no way I could cut the halves into slices. Still, tho messy to eat, they were yummy.

                    Now here's the interesting part. I poured the excess caramel into a mini loaf pan. In the second pic you can see that part of it set up as it was intended to in the apple shells. But part of it remained viscous but clearly not set.

                    I am not an experienced candy maker so someone else's results could be very much better. But, in my defense, I used an accurate digital thermometer and followed the recipe carefully to the best of my knowledge.

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                      Appreciate the feedback. I think I'll stick with plain caramel if I get any caramel apple cravings.

                  2. its a little easier to hand out the whole apples to trick or treaters though!