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Oct 17, 2011 03:13 PM

SF to San Luis Obispo eats

Anyone have any recommendations for the trip down Highway 1 from SF to SLO? I'd appreciate any recommendations - any great restaurants, snacks, foodie places - anything would help.

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  1. Dear Southern Californian.It's Highway 1 up here not PCH. What time are you leaving and from where? The San Francisco Bay Board will only get you to to Pescadero and beyond that is the California Board. Which meals do you want in the Bay Area?

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      I'm even worse than a Southern Californian. I'm Texan! Sorry, Highway 1 from now on. We'll be leaving SF in the morning and plan to stay in SLO Friday night and then heading back to SF on Saturday. We will be spending most of our time/meals in SF so any bay area recommendations from you would be greatly appreciated.

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        Texan, note that it's a long drive (longer than it looks on paper), and the stretch through Big Sur is mostly windy two-lane road clinging to a cliff above the ocean -- probably not the kind of driving you're used to in Texas. Not that you shouldn't do it -- it's pretty spectacular -- but plan accordingly. Personally, I'd pick up some goodies in SF and then take some breaks along the way to sit on the beach and nosh.

        ETA: According to Google maps it's 254 miles/5 hours and 14 minutes -- that time estimate sounds wildly optimistic to me!

        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          Thank you for the information - we thought it'd be about a 4 hour drive so it's already a lot longer than we had anticipated. My husband hasn't done this route since childhood and he's pretty adamant we do it but I'll be sure and warn him about what you said. I like the idea of picking up some goodies in SF and taking breaks. Any foodie/gourmet shops you can recommend for helping me pack a snack basket?

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            post about picnic items on the SF board...

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              That drive will take 7-8 hours. Traffic will be very slow at times depending on weather conditions. After a certain point there is no way to cut over to Hwy 101 at which point you are stuck on the road. Rethink the trip or allow for more time.

            2. re: Ruth Lafler

              I drove from Cambria to Marina (north of Monterey), which is half the distance of the OP's planned travel, in August up Hwy 1 for the first time in a long time. I prefer that direction, driving on the inside lane instead of hanging off the edge of the cliff. It took nearly 3 hours on a monday morning and we left early before traffic was heavy. Note that in some spots, there's only ONE lane due to road construction. I think we had three, perhaps four places where we had to stop and wait for traffic coming the opposite way to pass. I was sorry that we couldn't take the time to stop and take in the scenery, as we pass that way so seldom.

              Our one stop on Hwy 1 was at Big Sur Bakery. My mother was fussing that I'd pulled over, as she was afraid we'd be late for our appointment. But after she tasted the sampling of pastries I'd purchased, she understood why I made time.

              Big Sur Bakery
              47540 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920

        2. Not sure if it is still there, or still good, but the last time I made that trip Nepenthe in Big Sur was a most enjoyable hang. Stunning views and solid food and drink.

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            Nepenthe is still an awesome lunch spot.

            1. re: GroovinGourmet

              A place with views that awesome should have worse food. *the* thing is sunset at Nepenthe; if you can swing that into your schedule, you won't regret it. Apologies if Nepenthe is not on the SF board. I think I have to swing down on that road next week, too.

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                Nepenthe has extraordinary otherworldly views. The food is expensive for what it is, if it was really, really good. But it is only mediocre, at best.

              2. On the way back another restaurant with views for dinner, probably Peruvian is in short supply around your home,is La Costanera which is on our board.

                La Costanera
                8150 Cabrillo Highway, Montara, CA 94037

                1. It would be best if you resubmit this request specifically for the San Francisco part of your trip. It seems everyone got caught up in the drive down the "PCH" and with one exception forgot about San Francisco Bay Area causing the board switch.

                  1. I think if you are aware of the time it may take- you will be so glad you made the effort! Be prepared for fog/chilly! We love the area around Davenport- which is N of Santa Cruz. Farms and a great spot to stop- a bakery/breakfast joint- there isn't really much else there....and thats the best part.
                    Have a wonderful drive!