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Oct 17, 2011 02:29 PM

Where do you start when you visit here?

I've been a lurker off and on, mostly coming when I have a specific question & I search the topics. But recently, I've been having a lot more fun reading through the posts & interacting. That said, I'd love to know what frequent Chowhounds do when they come to the forums. Are there particular spots that you love? Favorite places to read up?

Thanks all! Looking forward to more "dishing" with fellow foodies! :)


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  1. Well, you made a good beginning when you registered! So, welcome. You could post responses or questions about topics that interest or puzzle you, and participate in the discussion. You can go to those threads easily through the profile page.

    To see what is currently being asked or posted about, you can click on the Chowhound logo, and go to the general forum.

    Or you can hang out in the individual forums that interest you. Don't forget to have a look at Not About Food. Often those topics are interesting.

    Have fun!

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    1. re: sueatmo

      Lord, PLEASE stay away from Not About Food, the meanest board on the site. You wont learn a thing and it is all huff and puff about issues like table manners, kids in restaurants, tipping. It can get nasty. I've been stalked a number of times by people from that board who didn't like my opinion.

      I start with my profile.

      There WAS a fabulous part of the site called "Hot Posts"

      It was ALL the unread posts on all the boards. It was really cool because you never know what you come across. I see people haven't menationed the Spirits, Gardening, Wine or other interesting boards with other topics covered by Hot Posts.

      It seems Chow places zero value on this feature.

      First they for some mysterious reason put a timer on it. After two hours hot posts clears itself.

      Then they renamed it a couple of times IIRC.

      Then they buried it on the profile page.

      Then it stopped working all together.

      It seems to be fixed (except for the damned time out)

      You can find it by clicking on "Threads" from your profile page and then clicking on Unread posts

      It is really a shame. When the site started the Hot Post feature was front and center with Chowhounds being encouraged to use it. It is what made me fall in love with the site.

      Anyway, I STILL highly recommend anyone to use this link for optimum pleasure of this site.

      I personally can't stand the time out because of the way I use chowhound. I sign on and leave the window open to do other things. Sometimes I don't get back to the site for a few hours so when I hit "next page", I get the message "no more unread posts"

      So after checking out my profile, I'll look at the discussion section on the bottom of the page. I'll check out my home boards, site talk and general topics if I have nothing better to do. Occasionally, I'll click on one of the Chow topics to the right or tabs at the top of the page.

    2. I start with the general discussion board, and see if anything jumps out at me.
      Then I check out my regional board, home cooking & general chowhound topics.
      Then I look at my profile for posts I've responded to, to see what others are saying.
      Glad you're having fun!

      1. I start with my own profile to see if any threads I've contributed to have been updated.

        Then it's on to the boards that interest me - my national board, General Chowhounding, Hoem Cooking and Not About Food. I pretty much don't bother with any others unless I'm travelling to another part of the world.

        1. Thanks all! :) I'll check out those forums you mentioned. Also good to know about the profile and posts I've replied to.

          And sorry about putting the topic in the wrong spot. Didn't realize this section existed. Heck, didn't realize about any of the other sections you all mentioned, either, so there we go! LOL

          Off to explore!

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          1. re: kscooley

            Didn't realize this section existed. Heck, didn't realize about any of the other sections you all mentioned, either, so there we go!
            click on the link near the top of the page that says "Choose A Board" - it should expand to list more options, and then at the bottom of each list you can select "See all boards" to expand the options even further. lots to choose from here :)

            oh, and to answer your initial query, my method is similar to Harters'. i begin on my profile page to check the recent action on threads to which i've already contributed, then scoot over to Home Cooking; my "local" boards (which include Manhattan, NJ, LA and San Diego since i'm presently straddling both coasts); and Wine. if all those are quiet and i have more time to kill, it's on to General Chowhounding Topics, Not About Food, and Food Media & News.

            really it's about whatever interests you, but to get you started if that all seems to confusing or overwhelming, you can always peruse the main CH Home/Discussion page - it shows a longer list of the most recently discussed topics from all boars on the site, so you get a good cross-section of what's active at the moment.

            welcome to CH!

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Thanks!! :) Wine forum. Ohhhh, I think I might be living there! LOL

              1. re: kscooley

                I find the cookware board super resourceful and countlessly helpful if you're shopping for a new gadget, appliance or even remodeling your kitchen space. Even links and advice for tracking down replacement parts, appliance care and rare finds can be read there. I've really enjoyed first hand reviews on that Board.

                I wouldn't discourage a newcomer like yourself from giving any of the Boards a try. Find out for yourself what sparks your CH muscle. And welcome!

                1. re: HillJ

                  of course! how could i forget Cookware?

                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    oh and the Gardening Board. Some of us really campaigned for that one and while it's a smaller audience, it's super useful.

                    hey ghg, you cover my CH back, I'll cover yours :o)

                    1. re: HillJ

                      Oh no, I might want to stay AWAY from Cookware. I might NEED something. Like another All Clad piece or a new Le Creuset item. Well, no, they ARE needs, right?? I mean, how could we cook without AC or LC?? Perish the thought!

                      Gardening would be another great place! I have a little one going right now, though coming close to being done.

                      Thanks for the recs GHG and Hill! :)

          2. Welcome!

            I generally start by looking at my profile page and read updates on threads I've posted to.
            Then I come to site talk. I like to check it first in case there are any site issues/maintenance going on. Then I move on the my local and the other boards I follow most closely.

            If I have time I like to check the hot posts that rworange mentioned.

            The Digests are interesting. I try to visit NYC once every 12-18 months. That board has more activity than I can handle on a daily basis, but the Digests for the area help me keep up to a certain extent. Then when I start planning a visit and spending time on the NYC board my learning curb is much faster!

            Chains may be of interest to. I didn't look at it for the longest time because I generally try to avoid eating at chains. But there are great threads about the products carried by Costco and Trader Joe's - very useful if you shop at either.

            The information shared on Chowhound has really enriched my life. My cooking has improved (oven caramelized onions for example), my travels are more consistently delicious, I've learned about so many things that I probably would not have heard about as soon (Eat Your Books).

            Don't be afraid to jump in - the vast majority of the posters are wonderful!

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            1. re: meatn3

              Thank you! I can already see that my cooking is going to improve. This worries the hubby. He told his mom that what he wants for Christmas is a faster metabolism so he doesn't get fat from all the good food! HAHA!