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Oct 17, 2011 02:15 PM

Dinner in Palm Cove, Australia

I'm off to Palm Cove in December to celebrate my 40th and looking for somewhere to book for dinner for the big night. I am a food writer in the US, so like really excellent, high-end food, but am not so keen on silver service. Would like somewhere with excellent service, but not stuffy or pretentious. And great food. Any suggestions? I was thinking NuNu, but don't know anyone that's been there. Also, any recommendations for must-visit places for the other days and nights we are there greatly appreciated.

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  1. hello, and happy belated birthday. My cousin and I will be traveling down to Australia in April, and we will be spending three nights in Palm Cove. I was hoping you might have some restaurants recs for the area. we love great food. thanking you in advance. - John

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      We had excellent meals everywhere we went in Palm Cove. The food at NuNu was fantastic, but expensive, we had good Thai next door, great prawns at the sea food cafe at the other end of the beach (can't remember what it was called, but it's a woman's name!).