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Oct 17, 2011 01:37 PM

Pomegranate Molasses source in Austin area

Hi all! I'm thinking of making a pomegranate molasses glazed turkey for Thanksgiving. Can anyone recommend an Austin-area market that might carry pomegranate molasses?


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  1. I have some in my fridge that I'm pretty sure I got at Phoenicia. Sarah's on Burnet would have it also.

    1. If you don't find it, it's not that difficult to make. http://simplyrecipes.com/recipes/pome...

      1. I'm not sure if I'd call it molasses (wouldn't molasses be cooked?) , but I'll second Phonecia. Several brands of pomagranite syrup under the counter in front of the bread (facing outward) at Phonecia on S Lamar.


        1. I'm pretty sure Central Market sells it as well. One of the classes I took at the cooking school had a recipe that required this ingredient and the chef mentioned they sold it downstairs, I believe by the sodas. Ask them to show you where.

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            Got a bottle in the fridge for my Pomegranate Feta dressing I like to make once in a while.

            Came from Fiesta.