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Oct 17, 2011 11:35 AM

Longdan Chinese supermarket, Kingston-upon-Thames

This opened a while ago but I'm not often in Kingston. Lots of very unusual (for Surrey) ingredients. Vast freezers with all sorts of frozen seafood and fish: prawns, scallops, cuttlefish, octopus, tilapia, pangasius, snakehead. Also frozen dumplings from all different cuisines, and things you'd never think to freeze like peanuts. Every kind of rice and noodle, be it precooked, frozen, instant. Many kinds of curry pastes, pickles, vinegars, soy sauces, and bottles and jars of things I'd have no idea how to use. Also a million kinds of dried mushrooms. Lots of imported fresh herbs and vegetables, and loads of Asian beers.

An emporium, you might say. Useful for the things you probably won't find in Waitrose :)

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  1. This is of interest to me... thanks for writing about it. We're not that far from Kingston and it's a better drive than to Wing Yip in Croydon for, what sounds like, the same sort of products.

    If I get there soon, I'll let you know how it compares to Wing Yip's selections.

    1. Do you have an address? I googled it but didn't find anything.


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        Here's a link I found by Googling... apparently this market is known as 'Vietnamese.' From what the map shows, it's on Wood St. close to the station.

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          yes, vietnamese but i can't change the title now! If you come over kingston bridge then go through the tunnel, it's just on the left - opposite the back door of bentalls, just before TGI Fridays.

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            Thanks! I'll look for it this weekend.

      2. Next door, a Vietnamese cafe has opened, selling bubble tea, vietnamese coffee, and banh mi, as well as summer rolls and steamed buns. I went in on Sunday and there was no food, because of Chinese New Year, or so the server told me. Not entirely sure why that makes a difference, but anyway. I ordered an iced coffee, and the server looked at me askance and warned me it was very strong. I said that was fine, and repeated that I wanted it iced, and with sweetened condensed milk. She asked if I knew it would be very sweet, I did, and eventually she consented to make it. She held it out to me, then took at back at the last second to ask again if I realised it would be very strong. Good grief, just give me my damn coffee! Anyway, it was fine, not brilliant, and not super strong. BF's coconut tea with black sugar bubbles was pronounced fine. The shop smelled odd. I'm not sure it's going to take off!

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          I've yet to get to the Chinese supermarket. From what you write, I'll probably skip the cafe if I do go. :-) I'll give them a few months to sort things out. We usually end up at Wing Yip for Chinese groceries since I get my hair cut in Banstead.