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Oct 17, 2011 11:17 AM

looking for lower calorie beers with higher abv

I have been trying to watch my calories, which resulted in a great sadness when I discovered how many calories lurked in each bottle of my favorite craft beers. As a piggyback to another post about great tasting but low calorie beers, I found myself asking another question:

Which beers taste great and have the same affects, but aren't as heavy on calories?

One of our go-to beers is Yuengling Lager. I briefly drank Yuengling Light, feeling like I was saving calories, until I compared the bottles. YL has exactly half the alcohol content as regular Yuengling, meaning that I'd have to drink twice as much to get the same affects. I've decided its not worth the Light part and gone back to plain Yuengling.

I'd love to get some ideas and suggestions of beers that are great tasting, have a decent alcohol content, and are under 150 calories per bottle. Thoughts?

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  1. Alcohol is one of the most caloric components in beer, so your question is oxymoronic.

    1. Yeah if you want effect and lower calories you should consider chasing that beer w/ a whisky chaser.

      1. Yeah, +1 on the chaser idea. Actually, it sounds like a job for schnapps.

        1. Unfortunately great tasting beers are usually not under 150 calories. I'm going through the same issue now. Yuengling Light has 3.8% ABV and Yuengling Lager has 4.4%, so that's not half...? Michelob Ultra has 4.1% ABV for 95 calories which isn't too bad. Of course it basically tastes like nothing, but I can usually get buzzed off 3 of them.

          This site lists some popular beers, their ABV, and their calorie count. It looks like Flying Dog (based in Maryland, and if you live in an area where you can get Yuengling then hopefully you can get this) has some decent beers for 130-150 calories. I've enjoyed most of their beers.

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            Given that list, looks like Bud Ice gives the most alcohol for the least amount of calories - followed by Natural Light and Miller Lite. "Worst" on the list is Sam Adams Cream stout, Sierra Nevada Stout, and Anchor Porter.

          2. Like Josh said, the bulk of calories in beer comes from alcohol, with secondary being the residual sugars left behind after fermentation. So if you want big alcohol, there's no getting around the calorie count. Best you could do is pick beers with a dry finish - Saison is one of the higher attenuated beer styles (from a craft perspective) which could accomplish this goal.