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Oct 17, 2011 10:59 AM

Delicious, but neither fried nor crazy expensive, Dallas seafood options

So I'm trying to give up meat and switch to mostly seafood. This isn't too hard as I cook most of our meals, but I'm wondering what restaurants Chowhounds go to when they want not-fried and not-expensive seafood. We've really enjoyed Dive and Rex's recently, but I'd love some other suggestions. Any thoughts?

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  1. S&D Oyster Company has some broiled options. Last time I went, the dinners were around $20-25 as I remember - it was about a year ago. The only drawback is that they use a good amount of butter in broiling, so I'd call ahead and ask if they could omit that little fat-factor.

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      Hook, Line and Sinker does a nice piece of salmon on the grill.

    2. Bolsa in Oak Cliff usually has two fish selections on the dinner menu - $20 to 24 - we've never been disappointed with the selections. Bolsa also has a mussels dish every night. Half Shells in Snider Plaza has very reasonably priced grilled and sauted fish on the special list every night. Neither takes reservations but since we go on weeknights (not Fridays) we've never had a problem getting seated.

      I've been to Rex for lunch and dinner - agree it's good but the service has been rather scattered each time. My favorite - even with the slightly longer drive - is Bolsa.

      614 W Davis St, Dallas, TX

      1. The Flying Fish has good grilled fish, especially the snapper and grouper, at a very reasonable $10-12. The Preston Center location stays pretty busy so they have high turnover and the fish is always fresh.

        1. Aw/Big Shucks (multiple locations) has a grilled fish of the day special for @ $10.

          1. All of these recs are great...thank you!