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Oct 17, 2011 10:37 AM

Prairie man would like to eat fish.

I never had much seafood growing up. Mom used to say she was 'allergic'.Fish was rarely in our house and therforeI havn't yet developed a real taste for it. I like shirmp,calimari and of course fish&ch,but It would be great to start cooking vertibrae.[ where to start?] Any good starter recipes?...or tips? Unless u catch yr self , here in the Canadian breadbowl, findingfish is fun too.I don't even know what I'm looking for.

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  1. We are land-locked, too, so opt for frozen. Tilapia is good, cod, salmon... it all comes in pre-portioned sizes. Some folks abhor the idea of frozen fish, but I would rather have a freshly frozen fish over something that spent at least a day and a half getting here by truck or plane.
    I bake the stuff, adding some spices/herbs..... maybe some lemon juice. I like a lightly seasoned fish. Poaching is nice, too. Google some recipes to find a flavor profile that you might like.

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      thnx man , I see frozen fish all th time. hey, does it come scaled and cleaned at the store? Also, do you thaw it , before cooking?I that's a dumb quest i know but, I wanna make sure my first experience works .I really love smelling fine resturants that are serving perfectly cooked seafood.I have to try that at home.

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        Yes. If you buy most preportioned fish (filets) you will find thawing and cooking instructions on the package. That seems to be how most fish is packaged now, although sometimes you can find large pieces simply flash frozen.

        I recommend baking for a start.

        Google some recipes and try some out. Tilapia is a good starter fish because it cooks up nice. After you eat some Tilapia, you will want to try other good fish. Salmon, for instance.

    2. I live in a similar situation, just a bit south. I prefer to buy frozen fish. I've tried a variety of kinds. Baking is a great, forgiving way to cook many kinds of fish. I like to pat a bunch of sesame seeds or breadcrumbs on the top side (side without skin if there is skin). For freshwater fish, or fish that is bland I like to steam with some slivers of ginger, lemon (rind and all) and a good splash of soy sauce.

      Catch your own always tastes great, especially cooked over a campfire with a cold beer! I'll eat fish I normally don't like with relish that way.

      1. I live in the "breadbowl" there is fresh fish at the average supermarket or at Costco for that matter.

        and since Salmon is abundantly available:

        1. [ where to start?] Any good starter recipes?...or tips?



          1. these are great posts.