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Oct 17, 2011 10:29 AM

Snooze in Boulder

Just a quick note to say that my first visit to Snooze's new location in Boulder was a smashing success - definitely the best breakfast I've had at a restaurant in a while. They'll let you mix and match two benedicts, so I had one egg of prosciutto, talleggio and arugula benedict and one of caprese benedict (fresh mozz, heirloom tomato and basil pesto), both with cream-cheese hollandaise and a balsamic drizzle and both served on Udi's ciabatta. They were completely distinct - the caprese was fresh and bright, while the prosciutto/talleggio was rich and a bit funky (in a good way) - and both were perfectly cooked, with the yolk just runny enough without the white being at all raw or watery. The hash brown cake on the side was also excellent, though I'd personally like a higher crust-to-interior ratio (maybe two smaller cakes instead?). But the inside was well-seasoned and moist, not a dry potato crumble.

Coffee was hot and served in giant mugs, and was refilled regularly. Service was a little on the slow side but not bad, especially given how complex most of the dishes are for a breakfast place and how much they're willing to customize (mix and match pancakes and bennies, just about everything is available gluten free, etc.). We got there at 9am on Sunday and only waited about 10 minutes for a table, but the crowd outside when we left was huge.

Very excited to have such a great new breakfast option in town!

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  1. Oh, thanks for the reminder and update. I'll have to try to make it in one of these Sundays before ski season ramps up.

    1. Snooze and Tangerine are both high on my list if I ever get to go out to eat again.

      1. Don't know about the Boulder location, but Snooze in general is awesome for brunch/breakfast...if you can get in.

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          1. Love Snooze! I don't know if it's still on the menu but you can ask for it, The Graceland Pancake: it's a banana pancake topped with peanut butter/butter & crumbled bacon, I think I like it better than the Pineapple Upside Pancake. You can also order just one pancake, a whole order is huge & filling. They used to have a Pork Benedict on their menu, it was a cheese polenta cake topped with shredded pork, hollandaise & a poached egg. I liked it with green chile better than hollandaise but both were great. Sometimes I just get a side of hashbrowns & green chile with a poached egg.
            Yeah, I'm thinking it's time to head to Colorado for breakfast!

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              I liked my three-pancake flight. I expected to be more wowed by each, but liked them fine (lemon blueberry, blue mesa corn, and sweet potato). I asked if I could have them gluten-free (not because I am celiac but because I feel healthier when I mix in flours other than wheat on occasion), and was told that one couldn't be made gluten-free but the waitress couldn't remember which one. She didn't blink twice when I said I wanted the two gluten free and one wheat pancakes. Nice. I found the amount of syrup/toppings to be almost perfect. My final verdict on the pancakes: I like the pancakes at Marie's better (but now I wish Marie's would get creative with their fillings/toppings -- that would be heavenly)!

              I was compelled by all the pancake chatter about Snooze to try the flight, but next time I will try something savory, my usual choice for breakfast or brunch these days.

              1. re: vanillagrrl

                Tangerine also offers a pancake flight. If you try theirs too, please post a comparison.

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                  Went back today, this time with a big group, and had a great time. The place is seriously fun and cool. The barista customizes their tshirts, and many of the servers seem like they are into their jobs. Again, we had people with special dietary needs in our group and they did everything short of tap dance to accommodate. The toughest hurdle was dairy-free, but that person ended up with the smoked salmon omelette with arugula and was ecstatic. I liked my Benedict variant but wished I'd ordered the one with the jalapeƱo spoonbread. A couple of people had the breakfast pot pie, which looked and smelled great. Someone else had the corned beef hash and I immediately vowed to bring my DH next time. They're the real thing. Great coffee, great drinks (especially the house-made cucumbers, which they brought a plate of and a little pitcher of the pickle juice. I can see why it's hard to get a table without a long wait. One person said she had an hour-and-fifteen minute wait so they just planned to do some shopping downtown before breakfast. My family tried to go on Sunday at 9 but the crowd was daunting, so we walked to Lucile's and got a table immediately.

                  1. re: vanillagrrl

                    Funny, I ate there today (with monopod). Had two different benedicts (half and half), the salmon one and the carne asada one. Quite excellent!

                    1. re: LurkerDan

                      At lunch with LurkerDan , I went against all my better instincts and ordered based on what sounded healthy, rather than what I really wanted (an attempt to eat reasonably healthy before the food orgy on Thursday). The fish tacos were, shockingly, pretty darn good - solid corn tortillas (apparently better than what's served on Top Chef these days), tasty fish and salsa, and flavorful black beans. Usually I try to stick with a restaurant's strengths - which, at Snooze, would be breakfast - but the lunch plate was very satisfying as well. They're doing things right over there.

                      1. re: monopod

                        I was in Boulder overnight last week. Thanks to this Board, I knew about Snooze and made sure to have early breakfast there at the one on Pearl Street.
                        Excellent! Thanks for the tip-