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Is there something different to do with boneless shortribs?

I'm attempting to clean out my fridge and freezer for the holiday onslaught. So I'm forcing myself into using up what's on hand. Tonight is boneless shortribs.

We've had them quite a bit recently. We've had them braised, cubed as stew and minced as Cottage Pie. What else would have a different look and flavor? Think I could pound them out like a Swiss steak? Or maybe slice them thin like stroganoff?

I'd loved to hear your ideas.

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  1. Great ideas.
    Shepard's pie
    braise and mix with egg noodles (per your stroganoff idea)

    1. Here's an idea from Tom Valenti: grilled short rib & horseradish sandwich. Braise short ribs, let them cool, cut into 1" thick slices. Swirl some grated horseradish into braising liquid. Grill the short-rib slices over high heat until caramelized, repeat on other side. Or sear in saute pan w/2 T olive oil over high heat. Sandwich between good bread & dress with/ dip into horseradish braising liquid. Yum!

      1. Braised short rib ragout over rigatoni: sear the ribs with S&P in olive oil, set in baking dish, saute onion and garlic, add hand crushed peeled tomatoes, 1 C red wine, 2 C beef stock. Slice carrots into the baking dish, add sauce, cover and braise at 325 for 3 hrs. Remove beef. puree sauce to smooth(er). Pull beef apart with forks. Add beef back into sauce. Ladle over rigatoni or pasta of choice. Sprinkle parmesan on top.

        1. Grind them up and make burgers, meat loaf or meatballs.

          1. I like Korean braised short ribs. This recipe is close to mine except I don't add potato and I use Sake instead of mirin.

            Serve with sticky rice and pickled spicy radish.


            1. They make a great mole poblano. Braise overnight. Remove from sauce, refrigerate sauce, peel off layer of fat, then reduce till you get the consistency you like. Short ribs, like brisket, release tons of juice and collagen into the braise, so the mole will have very rich and complex flavors.

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                Absolutely to the flavor of braised short ribs! That's why I always have them in the freezer.

                A braise in mole sounds so good. I'm trying to clear out the freezer AND the pantry. A mole could use up a lot of stuff. Got a good mole recipe?

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                  I just google and combine what I like from all over. Never the same twice.

              2. I noticed at the grocery store that Martha Stewart's latest magazine has a picture of a short rib pot pie with sliced potatoes on top instead of mashed potatoes or pastry.

                You might check it out or just fake it from the info I just gave you.

                1. I've used short ribs for chili. Very rich flavor. Really excellent.

                  1. Mahogany shortribs from the Washington Post (made with prune juice and teriyaki sauce). I cook them in a crock pot and make a quick stroganoff. It is excellent and super easy.

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                      fromtheD, I hope you don't mind me adding the recipe link. I can't begin to count the number of people surprised by what an phenom marinade prune juice makes. This five ingredient recipe is a huge hit with my friends and I giggle every time they ask me how I came to use prune juice this way. Great recipe!

                    2. Thomas Keller in Bouchon uses them to make Beef Burgandy. Works well.

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                        I used them in the very same preparation last Sunday for my husband's birthday dinner, although I'm sure my method was much less fussy than TKeller's.

                      2. Just had them at Olive Garden braised in Chianti. I have no recipe, but they were good.

                        1. Oh so many ideas, one of my favorites though, lentils and short ribs of beef. Very rich and tasty dish.