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Oct 17, 2011 09:37 AM

Best Red Velvet in Atlanta???

Hi fellow chowhounds!

I'll be going to Atlanta for a conference soon and would love to find a place with great red velvet cake! I love red velvet... but being from LA, maybe my idea of red velvet is skewed. I would love to try a really traditional yummy red velvet. So if you know of a good place in Atlanta for red velvet cake/cupcake, let me know. I will be staying in the Downtown area of Atlanta.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I know Piece of Cake for sure makes red velvet.

    I would be curious too about other possibilities (i.e. Alon's, etc.)

    1. Gabriel's is operated by a cousin of Paul Deen. Their lunches, dinners, desserts, etc. are all good. You will enjoy their red velvet cake.

      Gabriel's Desserts Bakery Cafe
      800 Whitlock Ave NW Ste 135, Marietta, GA 30064

      1. Thanks rcburli and Milt! I'm going to really try to get to Piece of Cake as it seems to have the best reviews... but it's a bit out of the way, so not sure if I have time to get to it. Gabriel's is definitely too far for me since I don't have a car this trip.

        On a side note, I went to Highland Bakery for their Fried Chicken Benedict (heaven!) and got a red velvet cupcake to go... having it a day later and it's still moist and fluffy. Loads of cream cheese frosting as well!

        Highland Bakery
        655 Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312