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Oct 17, 2011 07:27 AM

25 Burgers in Branchburg

For months the 25 Burgers web site has said that they would soon be opening restaurants in both Branchburg and Flemington. The Branchburg location will be where the Branchburg Diner used to be on Route 22 East. In fact, there has been a 25 Burgers sign on top of the old diner for a long time.

According to a recent blurb in a local newspaper, the diner will be renovated "over the next few months" but in the meantime the complete 25 Burgers menu is available at the attached Royal Bar. I have not been to check this out. Anyone have additional information?

I know nothing about the Flemington location.

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  1. The Royal, which is attached to the former Branchburg Diner, is my buddy's local bar and he's there multiple times a week. According to him, 25 Burgers has taken over the diner's kitchen, from which The Royal served various easy bar snacks, and you can get the 25 Burger's offerings inside the bar until they rennovate the diner.

    1. 25 Burgers in Branchburg has been open for a while now.

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        Stopped there one night last week and pleased to report that the artery clogging Bacon Royal Burger (complete with fried egg and mayo) is as good at the "new" location as at the original Bound Brook location. Not something I'd recommend as a steady diet, but every now and then, when the craving hits, 25 Burgers is the place to go for the best non-fast-food-chain fast burger. Made to order, hot off the grill, and dripping with that flavor that only something devastatingly high in fat and cholesterol can deliver.
        The wait staff at the new place the night I went (actually just a couple of teenagers loitering around the register) seemed untrained and disinterested, without the efficient brusqueness of the professionals at the counter in Bound Brook, but the chef was a more experienced guy who clearly knew what he was doing. However, I do wonder whether the chain is expanding too fast - - Flemington should be opening soon too -- and whether they will be able to maintain the same feeling and flavor as they grow.

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          In fairness to 25 Burgers, I should point out that while I choose the least healthy item on their menu, they have many healthier burgers on the menu, including turkey and vegetarian.

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            I was at their original location last week for lunch, and it was packed for the lunch rush.. We had to drive around the block for 20 minutes till a spot opened up, and we all had to squeeze into a booth, food was great, I had the gyro burger (made of ground lamb) and has been very consistent every time we've gone. Great to see a place doing well especially in these hard times.

      2. Ok, confession time here. I first heard several friends rave about 25 Burgers in Bound Brook nearly a year ago, and it took me months to finally go and give it a try. I am sure glad I did because the place is amazing - so much so that now instead of going the nearly 10 miles to my closest Home Depot, I am now driving nearly 15 miles to the HD in Bridgewater, just so I can go a few blocks up the road to hit up 25 Burgers. Did the same when I needed to get something at BB&B last weekend. You know a burger place is really good when people are driving out of their way just to be in the neighborhood so they can stop in to eat there.


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          I want to the 25 burger in Linden, it was such an amazing burger. I really hope they can maintain the quality.. i am counting the days until i return.

        2. IMO, I'm impressed with their rolls, perfect ratio to the usual tasteless chopped beef

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            We went to the Branchburg location this weekend and I really wanted to like it, but alas, I was underwhelmed. I had the mushroom swiss burger and the mushrooms were indeed bountiful, but the burger was very well done (I would be okay with this, if it was still juicy, which unfortunately it was not). Maybe it was an off day? Told my DH that I would be willing to give the BB location a try, since he seemed to enjoy his Six-Alarm burger.