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Country Ham and Red Eye Gravy in NOLA

Looking for a spot in the French Quarter to get country ham and red eye gravy and good biscuits. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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  1. Good luck. Other than having a North Carolina ham sent in and doing it at home, I have never seen proper red-eye gravy south of the Tennessee River. I have seen quite a few frauds, though.

    1. The closest country ham I know of is from a Piggly Wiggly in the FL panhandle. If you find some locally let us know.

      1. I feel like I've seen a country ham dangling near the meat dept. at the Tchoup Rouses. It was a while ago that I noticed this, though.

        1. I can't help you with your question, but, I can offer you this. My wife and I are coming to NOLA for Thanksgiving from country ham country central. I would be willing to bring you some country ham. Around here, Western Kentucky, you can buy slices, half hams and whole hams. Just let me know if you're interested in my offer and we'll make the arrangements.

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            Thanks so much for the offer. But we won't be in NOLA till February. I'm originally from Ohio and spent a lot of time in KY as a kid on Lake Cumberland. That's where I got my taste for the salty goodness of country ham. I live in Oregon now but do get back that way once a year. I was able to get some at Hilton Head last June. I can always order some online.

            Thanks again,

          2. This is not a New Orleans thing: you might find good biscuits--or good gravy--but, really, neither of these are typically *New Orleans.*

            1. I had country ham and biscuits this morning. Good stuff. Here are a couple of good reliable sources in my area.. http://www.hamtastic.com/ and http://www.broadbenthams.com/

              Broadbent has had the "champion" country ham at the Kentucky State Fair many times.

              1. You are looking for a Deep South dish, that is not likely to be found in New Orleans. The best bet might be MiLa, but as country ham and red-eye gravy are not local to either Louisiana, or Mississippi, I rather doubt it.

                Now, if you can make your way up to Walland, TN, I can highly recommend the country ham and red-eye gravy at Blackberry Farm, http://www.blackberryfarm.com/. Kind of a drive though.

                You are referring to a dish, that is indigenous to certain parts of the Carolinas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Tennessee. One might see it down to Alabama, or up to Kentucky, but seldom much beyond.

                Now, biscuits are known in NOLA, but again, some of the best are at Blackberry Farm. Wife is "the biscuit queen," and holds them at the highest level.

                Way back when, Dorignac's on Vet's Hwy, had country ham, but that was on occasion, and not on a regular basis. Obviously, one then would need to cook it, and prepare the red-eye gravy (with some strong, black coffee).

                In my long life, I cannot recall any restaurant in NOLA, to ever have had this dish, but could have missed one. It is just not from near this region of the US.

                Good luck,


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                  I just read a review of Blackberry Farm and the price of a room is around $750 per night with a two night minimum. Do you have to get a bank loan to buy country ham and biscuits there?

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                    No, on the bank loan, or mortgage.

                    Considering that there are three "gourmet" meals included, plus the ultimate service, the cost per room is really not THAT high. It is not cheap, by any standards, but then, for the total experience, I have never found an equal - Ritz-Carlton, Halekulani, Four Seasons, or any other resort in the world (by my experience). They are worth every one of my $'s, and I budget at least one stay per year, though they are hard to get to, from Phoenix, AZ.

                    Would I go, just for the country ham and red-eye gravy? No. However, when I factor in the rest of it, then the answer swings to YES, and in a heartbeat. There is a reason that they won "The Best Resort" in Travel & Leisure mag, however much I hate that, as now the world knows about them. Next trip, I might not be able to get my regular cottage?

                    Hunt, a great fan of Blackberry Farm - their food, their accommodations and especially their service.

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                      Blackberry Farm is a fabulous destination. My wife and I love to visit in February.
                      We would never consider staying in anything less than a cottage. The Hill Cottages are fabulous. Hunt is, as always, correct the food and service are unmatched!

                      Edward Tyson

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                        I am so glad that you enjoyed that stay. We have only stayed in the Singing Brook Cottages, starting with Nubian, but soon finding that the bed in Speckled Sussex was better, have then stayed there - and always will. Think that it's in our "portfolio."

                        We were actually going to stay in the Lodge, last trip, but the reservations agent insisted that we take Speckled Sussex, at the same price. I could not refuse.

                        The food has always been very, very good to just flat excellent, and the wines have been at the very top, and we get to do several Michelin "starred" restaurants around the globe, frequently.

                        The only "rub" that I have ever had, has been with getting from PHX to TYS (Knoxville - Tyson/MNcGee) airport. It ain't easy, but we have some options.

                        Because of our wonderful stays, we hope to offer a Blackberry Farm lot for a charity auction, on whose board I sit. For the lucky bidder, I am trying to put together a private jet ('cause I know how tough commercial from PHX is), and hope that the winner enjoys it, as much as we have, over the years. If I had any $, I'd quickly do a fractional ownership deal, just to fly into TYS, and to Blackberry Farm - only in my dreams. [Frown]

                        Wife is sort of in the hospitality business (healthcare Regional President), and is still impressed by Blackberry Farm's hospitality. She hopes to take her Senior Management Team there, to go through "Blackberry Farm University.

                        Now, though she has two Le Cordon Blue chefs on staff, she still appreciates what Blackberry Farm does, from a culinary standpoint.

                        Just e-mailed them, asking for updates on 2012, as we are already booking next year.

                        Thanks for the kind word - I think they deserve them.


                2. That is like asking for the best place to get gumbo in Dubuque. Even if you see country ham and red eye gravy on a menu in New Orleans, stay far far away.