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Oct 16, 2011 08:25 PM

HELP! Im turning 21 this week and im looking for a fun/ trendy restaurant to go to with my girls in the Rockland County (NY)/ Westchester(NY)/ North Bergen(NJ) Area... Any suggestions!?

Soooo, story is, im turning 21 this week. Im looking for a restaurant or lounge in the Rockland County, Westchester, or North Bergen area.. Im open to anything really, but it should be fun and trendy. The theme is sort of a girls night out kinda thing, so I would prefer somewhere where we wont look out of place if we're all dressed up. Any suggestions?

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  1. I haven't been, but check out Lolita in Greenwich. From what my friends have told me, it sounds like a fun place for a 21st bday celebration.

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      Lolita is fun place to go if you want an NYC vibe. Food is expensive for what you get and it is anywhere near true mexican but you are paying for the atmosphere. Have something before you go and just get a couple of appetizers.

    2. I'm also going to vote for Lolita's in Greenwich. Do tell them it's a birthday and hold on tight for a fun, wild night!!!

      1. Thanks! Ive never heard of Lolita. The pictures on their website look pretty nice. This may be an option.. But if the food is no good then I rather not make the trip down there.. Ill keep it in mind, but does anyone have any other suggestions??

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          I think the food is pretty good at Lolita. Yes, it's not authentic Mexican but for a celebatory night out, the food is rather tasty and the cocktails are varied and great. Plus it has a happening NYC vibe. I think it's a great choice for your celebration. Happy Birthday!

        2. How about Wasabi in Nyack? Sophisticated, great food, definitely suitable for dress up. Bar looks beautiful too.

          1. Varka in Ramsey NJ is really nice and suitable for dress up. Also Chat is Scarsdale is pretty trendy, but the food/service is not the greatest.