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Oct 16, 2011 07:39 PM

San Juan Batista

Looking for current recommendations for San Juan Batista for lunch and breakfast

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  1. Correction
    Recommendations for San Juan Bautista

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    1. re: jmcelwee

      When a town draws a blank from Chowhounders, it is time to check out Yelp as they have a few "amazing" and "awesome" suggestions for this sleepy little town. Chowhounders tend use more diverse vocabulary when recommending dining options, but you gotta eat so there you have it for San Juan Bautista.

      1. re: glbtrtr

        Sadly San Juan Bautista is kinda a ghost town during the week... even in the summer.

        Many places may be closed during the week.

        I have been stopping in for the last 15 years on my road trips south.

        I was at the
        San Juan Bakery & Grocery @ 319 3rd St (This is the main street) one month ago and it has become even more sleepy than previous trips.

        It was always good for a decent deli sandwich that you could take over to the Mission for a picnic on its large grass field.

        But now I really can't recommend the sandwiches or the baked goods anymore due to its obvious low turnover.

        Sad...I used to love stopping by and stocking up on things for my trip.

        glbtrtr is correct!
        Here is the yelp thread.


        Yes, my avatar if from the the "Mission" Cafe down the street, which is just ok.