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Oct 16, 2011 04:49 PM

Pretty, but affordable, canning jars?

So, I would like to buy some pretty canyoning jars. I am looking at this season's product, and the contents are much more attractive than the utilitarian ball and Kerr jars holding them. Weck jars are gorgeous, but so pricey. Does anyone know of a midway trade off: more attractive than ball but less expensive than weck?

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  1. Why fuss,go with th ball.and say it]s not.

    1. FWIW, I've found some pretty decent deals out there on Weck by digging around on the internet. They're never going to be as inexpensive as the boring kind, but gosh are they lovely, even if you only have a few for your most prized put ups.

      1. I love my weck jars. I say just acquire them as you can a little at a time if necessary.

        1. I don't do much in the way of putting up -- yet. But I've been planning some homemade Christmas gifts (homemade mustard, etc.) and I'm looking at the "quilted crystal" version of the Ball jars. Budget is very tight, so price will trump pretty this year. But I like the look of these and I can even get them through Ace hardware for about $10 for a dozen of the 1/2 pint size.

          But I understand the importance of properly displaying the fruits of your labor!

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            I have some of the Quilted crystal jars. I hadn't thought of that. Be careful though : they are usually 12 oz. jars, not half pints, so use the processing time for a pint, not a half pint, when you use them.

            1. re: mattwarner

              I have the quilted in the 8-oz (half-pint) size and they are easily obtainable in my region ( perhaps a little less so, with the high canning season being over).

              1. re: nofunlatte

                Lucky! Around here I have only seen them in the tall and slender 12 oz. size.

          2. Weck jars are really nice, but you can use any jar for canning jellies and jams (such as jars you have saved from mustard, relishes, other jams). That is, if you process the 'British' way which is not to use Ball/Mason manufactured lids and seals and a water bath but either good old fashioned wax, or waxpaper lids with cellaphane seals. You can also go on the internet and find small 6 oz jars (square, hex shaped) that have lids that can also seal (not water bath processing necessary, just fill to almost the brim and turn upside down for about 5 minutes). Or, troll around yard and rummage sales for old canning jars. As long as they are not chipped, and you can clean, them - go for it!