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Lebanese Taverna Market Take-Out

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Ok, I've been going here for years. I have to tell you that yesterday I bought THE BEST ever spinach pies and stuffed grape leaves, and kibbeh. (I am a spinach pie aficianado, since my former law partner (Lebanese) showed me all about them). I have always loved good stuffed vine leaves. Here, though, I think Lebanese Taverna has upped its game.

The spinach pie pastry was very flavorful and perfectly cooked. The filling was packed with a great spinach lemon flavor with nice fresh pine nuts.

The grape leaves were stuffed with a super nice lamb-pine nut stuffing -- more than ever before.

The kibbeh were just as fresh, with really nice pine nuts.

I don't know if they've got a new cook in the past few months, but this stuff was really top notch.

I also bought their always superb toum, and also some kabis (turnip pickles) -- for our roast chicken wrap-ups.

I am STILL not happy with the cut of the turnip pickles (haphazard and short). I will mention this to them, as well as my good report.

Honestly, great stuff!

Lebanese Taverna Market
4400 Old Dominion Dr, Arlington, VA 22207

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  1. That's good to hear, it's been awhile, so I need to stop in and get dinner one of these evenings.