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Oct 16, 2011 01:46 PM

Full Cream Milk Powder

I am lookin for some full cream powdered milk either in can or packet. Used to have from Australia either 'Diplomat' or sometimes 'Nestle Sunshine' brand. Any suggestions as to where I can purchase this here in Vancouver?????

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  1. Never heard of full cream powdered milk, but last I checked, they have whole milk powder at Famous Foods ( 1595 Kingsway ) ..they've been reducing their stock on a few things lately though ie: freeze dried products

    1. Nestle sells it under the Nido label in Mexico and Latin America. I've also seen the same cans with a KLIM label. In the USA Mexican groceries, Asian groceries, and Walmart carry it.
      just make sure it is the powdered whole milk, not the kinder milk or a cereal product.

      1. KEA on Main & 11th also carries it in their bulk bin.

        (Full cream milk is an Australian term for whole milk)